Basenji/Sheperd mix Ruby
First Basenji's

Meet Ruby!!

We recently adopted her. She's been returned to the pound twice and is only 8 months old. Poor little thing has had a rough start but she is so smart and loving. She is always following us around and needs to see us at all times. She instantly bonded with my 2 yr old daughter and they are inseparable. She loves to snuggle and gives lots of kisses.
She will be starting her training in a couple weeks to master the basics and then we will be looking into Frisbee or Agility courses for her to help her get rid of all that energy. She bounces over my couch without even touching it when she gets excited. She is very high energy and could run around outside all day. We are having some house training issues but getting there slowly but surely. We are first time Basenji mix owners. I've had Labradors my entire life but when I came across this beautiful face and the way she interacted with my daughter I just couldn't say no!!
I'm just hoping the food begging will stop soon and that she will learn to sleep in her own bed!!!!

What a charming face - and the name really suits her….gotta love those neatly crossed paws...Welcome!

What a beautiful unusual face, yes our previous dog was a food beggar so we knew where we went wrong with him so made sure with Kaiser no human food ever and to feed him in his crate and sit and wait until we say ok and ignore any begging, easy when everyone works together. Good luck with the bed thing, made sure our boy sleeps in his crate as we already share with the cat and he steals our space. Enjoy your new family member.

Jolanda and Kaiser

So pretty and unique; glad that you ended up getting him and hopefully he never has to find a new home again…moving and being displaced really can mess with a dog (or anyone for that matter)...hope you have many years of great fun and mischief.

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