Nina - doing a DNA test for our Basenji/? mix.

  • We contacted MMI in Davis, CA to do their canine test. While many have speculated on what she is and isn't, we wanted a real answer to "Who are You"! For $80, we'll have the results back in 4-6 weeks, and will post a definitive answer. We been amazed at the numbers of forum users who have taken a quick peek at her. Since there are others of you with a mixed breed and wondering…this might be something to think about.


  • ALM - Is the canine test through MMI in Davis affiliated with the university? Just curious. I went to UC Davis for my undergraduate degree and remember that their veterinary medicine programs were highly regarded & I vaguely remember talk about dog DNA testing (which sounds like the test you are having done to answer "Who am I" for your pooch 🙂 I was just wondering if the MMI is a private company or if it is affiliated with the school?


  • Hi Chellie-
    The company is based in Maryland, been around since 1994, I believe, and is known for doing different animal testing. The test we received came from Davis, CA, so you might be right. Here is the web site…hope this helps.

  • thanks for the info! My curiousity always gets the best of me when it comes to hearing about anything from Davis, CA 🙂

  • Hi Chellie-
    We had heard that the UC Davis area was very well known for it's vet activities. That said, we're not vets! This was just a way to get a sense of learning what this special dog is, that we've become so attached to. Any answer we get will only make her more special!

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