Meet Dora, probable basenji mix

Hey everyone, so we've done a lot of asking around and a lot of research and we believe our 2 year old pup is a Basenji mix. She's about 40 lbs, black with a little white tuft on her chest, and she's a habitual paw-crosser and yodeler. Check out the pics and let us know your thoughts!


very nice girl, i dont know, but the ears, sure..
and she is yodeler! thats super fun, enjoy her sounds and that happy face.


Mixes are so hard to tell, one mixing of the same mix of dogs(say basenji/fox terrier) can give you different looking dogs to another litter mix of the same type of dogs, sometimes characteristics of one dog comes out more than the other. At the dog park people have the same mix but they look quite different, then if one dog is a mix itself it gets even harder. I just think mixes are so interesting and think it would be interesting to find out through the DNA test they have. I suppose in some cases it leads to better understanding of your dog and it's needs. She is a nice looking dog and special whatever she is. I have yet to get a yodel just for me, even the cats have gotten one so you are lucky if she gives them freely.

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