A couple of pics of our rescue (Zea) :D

  • A few pics… in no particular order 🙂

    At the dog park… this dog was insane. He tried attacking Zea.

    Caught in the act! Daddy had to thrown down the camera and chase the insane doggie off. He was actually quite calm the rest of the time…

    A wet doggie in the "big" dog park section … no self respecting basenji would ever get wet on purpose!

    Zea and a chihuahua puppy kissing like eskimos! 🙂

    This is her favorite hangout spot on our bedroom when we're not sleeping.

    I like to think that she loves me so much that she just had to come kiss me. Although I'm pretty sure she was just checking out the camera. haha!

    No chance in hell that Zea would chase that doggie and/or ball into the doggie pond!!

    Princess Zea just laying on the back patio…

    Princess Zea smelling something that her daddy is cooking on the grill!

    Zea's pretty fast.

    Err, she's SUPER FAST!

    We love it when she comes running back to us 🙂

    She's such a pretty little girl!

    Hrmm, is she smelling some other doggie's mark, or a place for HER to mark?

    Gorgeous little basenji!

    Princess Zea sitting on her throne! (note the blinds! that is her handiwork! haha)

  • She is Adorable !! Yep i had lots of blinds like that too LOL there making art LOL

  • Zea and a chihuahua puppy.. that is the cutest pic ever awww it looks like the chihuahua puppy is saying " Umm excuse me are u my mommy " ? LOL too cute ..

  • Zea looks lovely - i had to laugh at the blinds…must be a basenji trait -

  • Princess Zea sitting on her throne! (note the blinds! that is her handiwork! haha)

    Our Basenji Kura also loves to eat blinds! didnt have any blinds left on our window to take a pic.:)

  • Lovely pictures - bring a smile into my day

  • Great pictures of Princess Zea. She look totally adorable and forgivable!


  • She's lovely - I love all of the white on her! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    She's so pretty!

    I love the pics from the patio… and the super-close up! I think most of my pics of Cody are of him getting very close to the camera (or running away from it! lol).

  • Zea is a very pretty girl - bet you love her to pieces! You know, I have blinds just like that. Must be a basenji thing! I also notice you have an Easy Walk harness on Zea - the one we got for Shaye has really made life easier when walking, so I know you appreciate it as well!

  • What a cute girl!! And wonderful pics! 😃 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Zea is beautiful, i love the fact she has so much White fur.

  • Houston

    She is such a pretty little princess. I love the throne pics. We have wooden blinds and Otis has left them alone so far..
    I love her name (nickname maybe but love it none the less) Princess Zea..to cute..
    We live in Houston, too, we have got to get together for a B date..Otis would love it..

  • tooo cute…. great pics!

  • Bless her, she is a lovely girl.

  • Great pics, what a pretty girl.

    We frequent a dog park/beach that is surrounded by water and our basenjis actually do go in the water now btw. Fiji will only get her feet wet - she used to jump backward when the waves came in. Bongo's basenji buddy Cairo will actually swim to chase a stick and Bongo is not far behind him. Go figure.

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