More about Ghandi & Lolly (14 pics)

01. Lolly sun bathing..

02. Ghandi knocking the door..

03. Lolly watching..

04. Waiting for lunch..

05. Lolly drinking..

06. Ghandi drinking..

07. Worried sparrow..

08. Ghandi relaxing..

09. Ghandi's head and shoulder portrait..

10. Ghandi smiling..

11. Ghandi posing..

12. Lolly posing..

13. Lolly guarding the door..

14. Curious Ghandi..

THX, 🙂


Beautiful basenjis! They have lovely markings.

Fabulous pictures of some pretty special looking subjects! Thanks so much for posting them. You've got a good eye for photography.

Great photos..

what nice pups! i love the name Lolly. it's one of those fun names that you have to smile when you say it.

Beautiful Basenjis you have there!

Lovely pics of Lolly and Gandhi enjoying the sun

I agree, great photos of very pretty basenjis! Thanks for sharing them with us today.


what great looking basenjis you got, thank you so much fro sharing them through pictures.


You have two very very handsome looking Basenjis! 😃

Beautiful pics & beautiful pups. Pic nr 4 is my fav, very cute, the two of them together 🙂

Lovely pictures. I love the one where they are both looking out itheir backs to you. 2 very nice Basenjis - I love Ghandi's eyes.

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