Pre and Apres snow pics & VDay pups

  • I still have to get some daylight pictures outside, but here are a few pictures of the kids and Nala on Valentine's Day. They are thrilled with their "puppies"!


  • Awww - You have really cute kids! Looks like they love their puppies. I should order a tri puppy too. I got a blk/wht last week. You don't suppose Nala would eat daughter's puppy? Looks like she has plenty of her own toys! Very sweet pics!

  • Your Babies are beautiful, all of them.;) Thanks for posting!

    I want that Tri!:D

  • Thanks, guys! When Nala gets "feisty" she'll grab a stuffed animal, but has never chewed one surprisingly! Maybe it's because she has lots of her own toys! She mouthed the puppy when Natalie showed it to her! She wants Nala to have puppies desperately. I've tried explaining, but so far…it's not sinking in. I'll have to butter up the husband and get them a real basenji puppy one of these days...Wait! What am I saying???

  • @Basenji_Boy:

    I want that Tri!:D

    Be careful what you wish for!!:D 😉

  • That first picture is reminiscent of the movie "A Christmas Story". So bundled up they can't move their arms!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

  • @bellabasenji:

    That first picture is reminiscent of the movie "A Christmas Story". So bundled up they can't move their arms!!!:eek: :eek: :eek:

    I was just thinking about that movie "A Christmas Story" When I was a little girl my parents would take over a half an hour getting me dressed to go outside in upstate new york and right as soon as they were fininished…it never failed...I had to go to the bathroom. :o Oah....memories. Hahahaha!

    I just love the tri plush puppies. It looks like they were having such a great time 😃

  • I remember (and am re-living) that too! My daughter said they listened to a book on tape last year in Kindergarten called "I have to Go!" and it talked of the exact same thing, among other things! It's always a lot of effort for 5 minutes of fun!

  • LoL too funny!!!!!!!!!!

  • Very cute!

  • Here are a few that my daughter (7), the newest pseudo-photographer :rolleyes: in the house!

  • What a lovely family you have! Great pictures!

  • Seems your daughter is quite the photographer!!! Of course it does help that she has such a beautiful subject!:D

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