Anyone Else go on Bike Ride Runs with their Basenji?

I found that mine always wanted to stop and smell so unless I took them to this one area I could ride and have them off leash so they could stop as we were moving along it wouldn't work.

Oooh Good Idea, Ill have to look into those, but I like being able to drop the bike and have ahold of MAverick myself juuuuuust incase, but im DEF going to look into one of those 🙂 thanks!

First Basenji's

I've thought about this….but chickened out! But, I do put Haley in a basket on the back of the bike.............and she LOVES it! I've padded the basket bottom and sides and I use her car harness to secure her into the basket just in case a c-a-t runs by and she can't resist jumping out or something.

If you and your dog are comfortable with the arrangement, there should be very little argument here. It's excellent exercise for both of you.

My gramma had one of those three-wheeled contraptions that was a bike on the back and a cart on the front. She would leash her three bitches to the front of it and let them pull her around the little town she lived in at the time. If one or all of the dogs got tired she would load them into the cart and pedal home. Everybody was happy with the arrangement and you could hear the neighbors saying, "Here comes Peggy and her girls!"

I have a Springer bike attachement. Used it for a while, but now it's winter and I live in Colorado.

Well thats kinda awesome that there are some others out there who bike with their dog 🙂 The Basket Idea is sooo cute but i think that mav is too big HAHA

Tillo and I go on bike rides together. He loves it! I don't use a special leash or collar.. We go as fast as he can while trotting. When he really has too much energy we do sprints.. He loves that! ggg.. He can go sooo fast.. he can run for more than an hour without panting.. And when we're home he wants to go again :rolleyes: Crazy pup..

Now that Lycia is here we go for walks more often.. Lycia and a bike isn't a good combination….....

we go biking with almost all our dogs, not too often and only when the weather is good, not too cold not too hot.
we go to places where we can bike with the dogs off leash so they can decide their own speed, when we bike along side roads, we ofcourse put them on a leash, then the speed is the speed they trot at that moment.
They wear their normal collars while biking.

We do too, they really like it!

When they are off the leash, they won't go as far(ahead or behind) as when we are just walking.

My husband takes our dogs out on the bike. He uses a Springer attachment which he has made a few little adjustments to and the dogs were harnesses.

I have always wanted to try this and after hearing everyones posts I think come Spring I will have to do just that. If it was nicer out now I would but living in MN just too cold right now. Great posts and LOVE the pictures Benkura; thanks for sharing!!

Sounds like a great way of excercising Kira, would love to see some pics.
I like your pics Vickie, did you chop Douglas' head off on purpose 😃

Gramma's contraption was similar to this. The difference, though, was her front end was wider and built of plywood on bottom and all sides. She would run down to the little grocery store with this for eggs and bread. Back then you could leave your bike parked outside with your dogs and not worry about someone taking them. Whenever I went to visit her, I thought it was great fun to take the dogs for a run with her "rickshaw." My uncle brought it back from Japan for her when he was a Marine.

Oooh Im SO excited to hear that some of you bike as well 🙂 I was thinking not too many would because i can see the dangers as well, but MAverick just LOVES it SOOO much I just enjoy how GREAT he is at it… PICS TO COME FOR SURE 🙂 And thank you for sharing the pics Vickie, Stunning 🙂

It for sure is a great way to get them out …... and most likely a good thing to do in the evening/nights because of how hot the pavements can get being in Hawaii. (of course unless on a very shady street)....

I have been bike riding 10 times with Siren. 8 of those times I have returned home limping or bleeding. Each time I go out I think I have the issue of cutting in front of the bike solved. Each time Siren finds a way to cut in front of the bike or try to go between the wheels.

Siren understands the basic commands: come, sit, stay, and no. Unfortunely, she only understands when you have her undivided attention (meaning nothing else is around or moving).

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