Has Anyone had a Basenji this vocal?

  • So this isn't my video nor is it my dog. But I'm curious and I want to ask breeders and folks who have owned several Basenjis. Have you ever had a dog this vocal? My goodness, I wonder what's bothering her


  • I had one who vocalised in the ring. He was eventually dual champion, GB/IR, but he taught himself to recognise those red rosettes indicating a class win. And you could almost pick out the syllables 'Yes, I was clever. Yes, I got a red !'

    It wasn't a crow or a yodel, it was positively syllabic - conversational almost.

    The Basenji in the video is vocalising exactly like all my boys have done over the years - mostly at 2 in the morning when they wanted sex.

    As soon as the girls showed any signs of seasons, the boys were banished to a des-res (desirable residence) up in the orchard with access to walks in a completely different direct to that followed by the girls who remained in the house.

    I put a nursery alarm into the large garden shed we used as a kennel on these occasions so as to share the pain of the rest of the village. . .

    It was a relief when the girls dried up and the three boys came back into the house. Not only for me but for all the neighbours !

  • @rhughes89 said in Has Anyone had a Basenji this vocal?:

    Have you ever had a dog this vocal?

    Oh yes! My boy Sunny would vocalize on cue, and even if you picked him up he would continue until he was done. I have video somewhere of him howling while being held upside down.

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