Anyone Else's B Make Noise When They Yawn?

  • My B Cooper when ever he yawns he makes the cutest little noise! Does anyone else's B do that? It's kinda funny as well, because I tend to do that too sometimes, but he's never seen me haha.

  • Absolutely. That is actually a kind of common thing with our Bs. Medjai makes noise when he's happy. He's working his way up to a barroo.

  • I've heard Cooper baroo twice. I love it! His yelping not soo much.

  • Maya's makes a weird squeaking noise when she yawns… Is that what you mean?

    She does lots of strange noises when she's happy, but the squeak she does when she's sleepy and yawning lol

  • As far as I'm concerned that's totally a Basenji thing. My lab-basenji cross has done it for years and it so charmed me, but when we got Bassit, the purebred, and she did it too, I was thrilled. It's adorable, and makes it a lot easier when she's making me get up at 2 in the morning to let her out.

  • Yep, Bendji does so too ! And because we loooove this so much we help him yawning ourselves and trying to imitate the little baroos he makes haha 😃

  • Mick is definitely more vocal than Shi. Mick always makes noises when he yawns, he also has a higher pitched baroo than Shi. I absolutely love their sounds. We make such a big deal when we hear them.

  • All 3 of mine do this but Belle is probably the one that does it the loudest, she likes the sound of her own voice. As soon as we got to our own benches at Crufts and she spotted all the other B's she let rip with the yodels:D

  • Dallas makes a little squeak type sound when he yawns as well. I think it is so cute 🙂

  • Both tayda and lenny make a noise when they yawn. hard to describe how it sounds… but i love it! Its like a low pitched squeaky noise w/ some reverberation to it. I laugh every morning when they do it

  • Yep. Kananga does this everyday. Usually when he's bored/anxious/tired. When he's nervous or frustrated they will be longer Roo's. But usually when he's in a normal state they are brief.

    I love it as well. 🙂

  • Both of my furkids make that yawning sound in the morning, sitting next to me in bed. I think they they do it so I get up and feed them! "Mom! - it's time to get up…we have to pee and we're hungry...please get up." LOL 😃

  • Yup Bella does that, too! It's so adorable…:D

  • Magnum does it, too. Such a cute little noise at the end.

    Yawning is [supposedly] contagious. I know I yawn (or at least want to) when seeing other humans yawn, but I don't seem to be compelled to so when I see an animal yawn. What is your experience?

  • Eli does it all the time and then theremis Kitkat that hardly ever does. Eli does it the most when he is tired and fist thing in the morning. I think it is so cute.

  • Shaye also sort of squeaks when she yawns - I think it's something most of them do. Yesterday she sort of muttered when on a long ride, because she didn't want to stay in the back seat - cute low sound. Whenever we have to put her in the crate because we are going off, she screams and it's the most dreadful sound - she also still pees and poops in the crate - I'm really hoping she can get used to it, as even though we try, we cannot be here 24/7…..

    Anyone else have that problem?

  • My previous beasties didnt' but Gossy does the yawning squeak all the time. She also has a little "bark" that she does when I scold her. Her kennel name (table Talk) was well chosen.

  • Indy has learned to make the sound of a hissing goose when he yawns. He thinks its funny!

  • Katie does a yawn-morph. Whenever she wants someone to go out with her, she starts with the yawn and morphs it into the 'owe' sound. Sometimes when she snaps it off quickly it sounds eerily close to the word out.

    I'd love to hear the audio of the hissing goose sound rnasto. I can't begin to imagine that coming from a B. It would scare the crap out of me:D.
    (I had a couple of mad hissing goose experiences when I was younger–a friend had them as watch dogs on their horse farm)

  • I'll see if I can catch him in the act for ya

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