Anyone's B able to Open a door?

  • I have been watching Zahra stretch up to the door knobs and it looks like she is taking her two paws like she is figuring out how to open the door. Has anyone's B mastered opening doors yet?

  • Mine can not turn round knobs but the ones with the pull down handles, yes. Nicky can also open drawers, cabinets, and a standard refrigerator.

  • Abbey tried for weeks to figure out how to open the front door. She stood on her hind legs and pawed at the knob. She had this expression on her face like Well, this is how Mommy gets out! If she'd ever hit on the twist not paw concept she'd have been outta here for sure!

  • Mine can't actually open a door that's closed, but if it's just shut without actually clicking the lock (does that make sense?!), if she is on the inside she can pry it open with her paw.

  • One of ours can open a unlocked sliding glass door. He opens it one way to go out and a completely different way to come back in.

    To go out, he pushes the botton of the door frame where it meets the glass enough that the door opens a few inches for him to stick his nose in and open it the rest of the way. To come back in, he stands up and pushes the outside door handle with his nose.

    I've seen him open the door to let the others go out or come back in when he doesn't go out or in himself.:rolleyes:

    I wish we could teach him to close the door behind him.:rolleyes:

  • Aren't they just like real human kids!!!!? My 5 human kids always leave a trail behind them. Joey fits right in!! He hasn't been able to leave the door open unless it has a lever handle.

  • Mine can open the sliding doors to my bedroom closet. She figured out that if you push on door that's behind, you can make the tiniest little passageway into the closet and get whatever you want that mom has hidden from you, the laundry basket with yummy dirty socks and bras, and mom's shoes.

  • Alani hasn't quite figured out how to open doors however she does the same thing. She takes both her paws, reaches up and tries to turn the knobs. Very smart indeed.

  • Turning door knobs?? no. BUT they do turn stove knobs with their mouths :eek: :eek: Very crazy B's I have 😃 😃

    I only wish they would learn how to cook! 😃

  • I have a baby gate that you step on to open, Giz has been found sitting on the step and nudging at the gate. First he used his nose, now he sits and sort of leans against the gate. Luckily he is too light to release the mechanism. He tries to open doors, too but can only open the ones that aren't latched. Once he pulled the fridge door open by the towel on the handle, but we have one with a freezer on bottom so he couldn't quite get to anything inside. He ate the towel instead. We don't leave towles on the fridge door anymore.

  • Does this answer your question? Ha ha ha! 😉
    click here:

  • We have a number of pull down door knobs in our home (they are easier for Darrel to use). So far, Kipawa has not been interested in them at all. We keep the doors to our bedrooms closed (though Kipawa sleeps with us on the bed at night). One of our bedrooms is our bird aviary. Even with the birds in their cages in there, Kipawa gazes through the french doors every now and then, but is quite uninterested in the birds. Now our cats - that is another matter. He licks them. I don't think they really appreciate it though. 🙂

  • Spencer stands on his hind legs and unhooks the screen door with a flip of his nose, then drops to all fours and nudges the door open with that same useful nose, and out he trots. Other dogs need doggie doors. "Amateurs," Basenjis say!

  • Yup - my brindle girl Liyah can open doors. She puts her paws on both sides of a door knob, turns it and voila - out she goes. If it is a door that needs to open in, she knows to pull it with both paws - while turning it.

    She knows how to flip up the latch on the dog pen - one of those latches that needs to land just perfectly up to stay open, well, she knows how to do it. Now the dog pen latch is clipped closed when she is in it.

    Before I got a Kennel-Aire crate for her, she could open the latches on normal wire crates and let herself out. Before the Kennel-Aire, she had a carabiner on her door. When she used to be crated in the same room as Brando and Ruby, when she let herself out of the crate, she would go and let out her playmates…


  • Mine can all open doors but never a one can close them!!!

  • My girl Chakka used to take her nose and push a heavy patio door so it slammed open so she could go out. She could figure out Kitchen cabinets with weird handles and open them. She used to take all the post and pans out. I swear she watched us open car windows and tried to open them further so she could stick her head out. She never mastered door knobs but we would come home and they has slobber all over them! lol

  • Kell can open all cabinets, so they are all locked with old collars around the knobs to keep him out of the pantry. Once he pulled out a 10 lb bag of potatoes and left a trail of potatoes from the kitchen, in to the dining area and thru the living room. When we only have the screen door in use in the living room, he can open with his nose. He will stand there, inside the house, with his head out checking out the back yard for cats & squirrels. I tell him he is letting out the cold air and letting the bugs in, doesn't bother him. Now Sidhe can do doors. I keep a tennis ball hanging outside on the screen door. She will pull on the tennis ball and pull open the screen door, let the others in if they move fast enough to beat her in. If they don't Rogue and Kell cannot seem to understand pulling on the ball will open the door. Kell will start banging on the screen door and it gets loud and very insistant. Rogue will just cry if she is left out. My boy Cory, now at the bridge, would also use the tennis ball to open the door. When he was 6 months old, he figured out food came from the fridge. I kept one of those decorative towels on the fridge door (no long do this!) and he quietly pulled open the door, took out a metal bowl of tuna fish covered with saran wrap, stripped off the wrap, and dug in, his sister Timi was invited in, we got up when it got too quiet (everyone with a B knows how suspicious quiet is). Found the quilty two just as they were both going back in for more goodies. And somehow yesterday evening Kell got down the treat jar from the kitchen table, it was upright on the floor and we never heard it come off the table, I think he levatated it! Love these dogs.

  • Both of mine have figured out the child saftey locks to my kitchen cabinets they don't bother the pots and pans but love tearing open cans of string beans and ravoli along with bags of sugar. Both can open the standard kennel latch on wire kennels, open the bi-fold doors on the closets and recently figured out how to unlatch baby gate (the kind you screw into the wall). The funniest thing is the trash can. We bought a round metal trash can w/foot petal. Well that was no challenge, so then we screwed a 5 lb weight to the lid thinking to make it too heavy for them to use the foot petal. My two figured out if the BOTH stood on the foot petal it would open, so then we disengaged the foot petal. Nope they figured out how to BOTH use there noses at the same time to open the lid (w/the weight), so then we bolted the trash can a foot off the ground. We think they just got bored with the game and stopped trying. 🙂

  • That is unbelievable!!! Guess I won't bother installing the safety locks…

  • Houston

    Our boy can open drawers levers and all sorts of stuff, damn boys… All the bad habits come from the boys warped lil mind...our girl is so good...what a little trouble maker he is

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