No choice but to join !

After all the nice things people have said about my picture of Steve's Poppy, I had to sign up !

But Moetmom ! That is a TERRIBLE picture you have as your avatar - I've improved greatly since then. My avatar (until I get around to changing it) is Firbi !!

Don't expect me to contribute much here, time is at a premium - I get kind of tied up to the Basenji on-line Database. But you can always SKYPE me.

However, send me photos for it if you'd like to and if I'm at a show, it is highly likely that, along with dogs, I'll also have a camera !



Hi Sally,
welcome to this great forum, even if you only bob in from time to time i'm sure you will enjoy it.
I met you yesterday at Blackpool and held your delightful little Hoover.

It's great to see you on here! I love the work you have done with the database. It has been a wonderful resource for me!!!

Hi Sally,

we spoke with you at Blackpool. A pleasure to meet you. Your website is brilliant and the pedigree search is amazing.


Cool…welcome Sally!!!! And yes we all agree, her pedigree site is wonderful!!!!

Hi Sally,

Nice to see you here:D
It's all very much appreciated the work you do on the database;)


Hi Sally - and yes, i know my avatar pic isnt the best either! hopefully you can rectify that at Windsor.


Welcome Sally!

Hi Sally. It's about time we saw you on here!! 🙂

Hi guys,

and thanks for the welcome AND for your approval of the database.

Hoover is NOT delightful. Overnight and obviously sleepless, she chewed my mobile phone. When we are away at a show, the dogs are bed-dogs. My hostess doesn't mind, in fact, in winter she is jealous of my hot-water-bottles.

When I get around to it, I'll post pics of Hoover and Keepurr (you can growl it or purr it and we did keep him. . . ) playing in the unseasonable snow.


Hey, Sally….. you did this yourself by calling her "hoover" (as in a vaccum or inhaling everything)... gggg ... I always say, never name your Basenji something that they might take to heart

Hi Sally, welcome to the forum.
Your pedigree database is absolutely invaluable and very much appreciated!

Victoria. x


Welcome Sally, nice to have you here.

Whoops , naughty hoover. Dont they just love plastic.


Welcome Sally! Thank you for all the work you do with the database. It is an amazing resource!

Welcome, Sally! I'm also one of the many people who is grateful for the database. Doing research for my puppy last year would have been so much more difficult without it.

Hey Sally, glad you could join us! Yes, do tell more about those crazy youngsters. 🙂

Oh, and more pictures for you coming soon!

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