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New member here, do not have a Basenji but am lookink to adopt or purchase one I place and ad on the forum here and also signed up on Brat. Ive done much research on the breed and do feel it would be a good dog for my family…I havent found many in my area so im starting early looking for a dog, springtime is as soon as I will be able to get one.. Thnaks to everyone on here for any help I might get on finding a dog,, Mike

Check out the Basenji Club of America (BCOA) website. https://www.basenji.org/joomla/
You can continue your basenji education as well as look up breeders in your area, and learn more about how to pick a good breeder.
Welcome to the forum, and good luck in your search to find the right basenji for your family!

Welcome to the forum. There's plenty of good Basenji rescues to adopt.

hi Mike, welcome to the forum and wishing you success on finding your 'forever' dog.

Welcome to the forum Mike and i wish you every success in getting your Basenji.

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