Thrilled to join!

Hello fellow Basenji lovers. What a wonderful delight to stumble upon this website. My husband and I adopted our first basenji a little over 4 years ago. She is a 7 year old brindle named Zoe. I will post a picture soon.

Welcome, we're glad you found Us! Enjoy the forum, fun, entertainment and education.🆒

Welcome! This is a wonderful forum that I'm sure you'll enjoy. 🙂

I live just west of Atlanta so we are practically neighbors. Welcome to the forums. 🙂

Welcome! It's a great place to be if you are a Basenji lover!!

Welcome to the Forum. Great to have you…Can't wait to see some pics of Zoe!

Hello and welcome. Post some pics soon!! We love to see pictures.

I had a little time and finally got some photos of Zoe up. You'll notice the one by my username. But, you can also go to my Member Gallery to see even more:


Welcome! Isn't it nice to have others to blab too-that actually understand you!

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome! Your picures are amazing!!

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