Missing You Always Capt. Jack

  • Im sorry we havent been on the forum in a while its been a HARD couple weeks…Id rather not go into it because its too heartbreaking...

    Prayers for our Family and our Jack is always appreciated...THANK You!!

    Jack you brought us laughter, smiles, and you were there for me though some hard times. Scratching you ears and your head on my belly always made it all better. Your playing with Aiden will be soo missed. Aiden asks for you all the time and my heart breaks...We will never be able to find a dog that will fill our hearts like you did...I hear you yodel in my dreams and Ill miss that most of all!! See you on that rainbow bridge!! We love you Jack!!! Good boy Jackers...Good Boy...:o

  • I didn't know that you had lost Jack.

    I'm so sorry for your loss…

    If you need to talk, we're here

  • Oh my lord, I'm so sorry to hear this. Prayers to you and your family.

  • 😞

    I'm sorry for your loss.. your family and Jack will certainly be in our prayers.

  • Oh no!! What happened?? Please tell us when you feel able. You are in my thoughts….

  • I am so sorry! Especially after everything you went through with him…the adjustment with Aiden and your dumb ass neighbors...he is lucky to have had such a good family, though, that was willing to give him a life full of love no matter what! My thoughts are with you! Remember, you can always talk to the people here, even though we may not all know what you are going through, we all know what its like to love a basenji as much as you did!

  • OMG…I'm so sorry to hear about Jack. You and your family are in my thoughts. 😞

  • My condolences to you and the family. I know you worked so hard with Jack. It's tough to loose a best friend / family member, one who shares without asking anything in return other than love. Jack can never be replaced by another but another can help fill the void. Hope you find peace.

  • oh my, so sorry to hear about this….. my thoughts are with you....

  • Sophie, Stick, Conal and I are all so sorry for your loss. Jack was always a wonderful thing to see running at the park. He will be missed greatly.


  • My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • Now that I can see through my tears, I had to post again. My heart is breaking for you.

    The love and companionship these dogs bring to our lives is long lived and not soon forgotten. May your personal superior being grant you comfort and ease your pain.

    I hope in the months to come, the sweet memories of your Capt. Jack help to relieve some of the pain.

    I echo your personal sentiments in my prayers to you…Good Boy Jackers...Good Boy.

  • I'm so sorry.

  • Deepest sympathy to you for your loss. Prayers to you and his family. What on earth happened?

  • Good Boy, Jackers…just makes me cry. Prayers for healing hearts to you all. You're a great basenji mom.

  • OMG I'm sooo sorry to hear that 😞 Prayers to u and ur Family !!!!

  • Thank you all for your prayers! I cannot go into all the details, but unfortunatly Jack bit the neighbor & a Police Officer and since he has a bite record We got a warning of Eviction from the Navy Housing so we had no choice but to try and find him a new home (as our house now has TONS of children in our yard bc we are next to a playground now) BRAT was the first I called and they told me that since he has a bite record they cannot take him and their advice was to have him put down. No vet would put him down (trust me that was my LAST resort) and the Vets said I should give him to the pound…The Pound wouldnt take him either bc of the bite record and said if I tried to sell him Id get sued if he bit the next owner...I contacted the Animal control who delt with his Quarinteen and know Jack well and they offered to take him and think about finding a foster home but under a deadline...Needless to say, because of Liability, there was no other option. To make matters worse, the vet that took Jack said he had cancer that showed up in his xrays...and told me that the pain from that could have been the cause of Jacks biting...We decided after MUCH thought that the best thing to do would be to put him down...i feel like I failed Jack and its all my fault...I should have found the cancer faster...maybe i could have done somthing...

  • I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself, you didn't know and it does no one any good…believe me, I've been there. You gave him a good life the time he was here and he was loved. Hold him in your heart and know he's now running free....

  • I am so very sorry to hear about Jack.. hugs… but know that he is safe now and not in pain... He is with all the others that have gone before him.. and will show him the way...

  • I'm so, so sorry. I think everyone here knows you'd have done what you could for Jack. He was in pain and he's not now. He's happy and looking out for you. I know he tried to be a good dog. And when you're ready he'll send you the right dog.

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