• My new rescue Miles is such a morning dog. When we first got him in February, he got up when the sun came up and did not go back to sleep. We've got him pretty used to sleeping in now (wow, that was hard- just give him a space under the covers…lol) but after he gets up, he is sooooooo mischievous! :eek:

    He raids the bathroom trash almost daily. Grrrr. :mad: We have to put a weighted basket on the lid now. I cannot leave any drawer open in the bathroom while I do my makeup otherwise he hauls off with something from each drawer. Watch him; he's fast!

    Although they have a ton of toys, Miles decided to chew up the ice scraper this morning. 😞 And of course his favorite is surfing the counters for goodies. He's done the Indianapolis 500 for about 20 minutes now. I think the cold air really invigorates him. Does anyone else have a morning dog??

    Good thing I have my little girl Lexi to keep my perspective. She is always good. I love my little dogs. :p

  • I don't have a morning dog. I feel for you! I'm not a morning person that would be very hard to deal with before say 10:00!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Of the dogs that sleep with us…Querk is definitely NOT a morning dog. He will try to hold you down with his chin...Ivy is also a sleeper. Blondie is a morning gal....she wakes up and barooooooos, and wiggles around until you take her out.

  • The only morning person in our home is my son. He is up at the crack of dawn on the weekends. But strangely enough he has a hard time getting up for school. HMMMMM. Dash could sleep until 11. Sissy likes to go out early but then goes back to sleep.

  • On the weekend Nexa will get up and eat, then get back in bed for a few hours. During the week I think she only gets up because there will be wet feet to lick getting out of the shower:) We're hoping Leo will like to sleep in.


  • Ruby is definitely a morning dog…because during the week she needs to be because her morning starts around 5am and by 5:15am we're on the bike doing her bike run.

    On the weekend, I might be lucky if I can squeek out 7am...she'll start throwing her toys around her crate...dropping her bully stick over and over again on the plastic bottom of the crate (pretty funny, actually), anything to create enough noise to get me up. Even inviting her up on the bed might only get me another half hour. She's such a little busy body that as soon as you as much open one eye she thinks she's missing out on something.

    The jack russell I used to take care of before he died knew the second one eye was open, he was allowed up on the bed...and then it wasn't good enough to be on the bed, he would crawl under the covers and then put his head on a pillow (slept just like a human)...too funny :D. He'd sleep til noon if you let him, but as soon as he was fully awake it was like someone hit the "go" button.

  • Cory usually sleeps in a crate iin our room and when my husband gets up really early (5 AM), she'll ignore him and keep sleeping. I'll usually wake up and hour or so later and, if time allows, I'll let her out of her crate and she'll get up in the bed and snuggle with me. I think she'd sleep another hour in my bed if I didn't eventually have to get up. She is VERY fond of tunneling under the covers and snuggling up against my tummy.


  • My Basenji, Lucy, will sleep all day if you let her. She sleeps on the bed, or in her crate, and as long as you stay in the master bedroom/bathroom, then she'll stay sleeping. If you go out into the rest of the house, she'll get up a follow you, but then lay down in that room and go back to sleep.

    My Husky on the other hand… Bart gets up faithfully between 630 and 640. He can't sleep in a crate because he gets freaked out. (Happens with shelter dogs sometimes). He sleeps in a "nest" on the floor on my side of the bed. Then at about 630, he gets up, stretches, and howls. And he'll continue to howl, whine and "talk" until you let him out. Then he goes out, comes back in, lets Lucy out of her crate (smart dog!) and steals her toys or bones until she's mad enough to come out and play. 🙂

  • The alarm goes off at 5.15am and the four that sleep with us jump up like they where shot out of a cannon. They all go out to the yard for potty and back in for a morning treat and then back up to the bedroom to watch the Basenji Slaves get ready to go to work. The females watch closely for my shower to end and they run in to claim the towel….....usually the one that doesn't get the towel settles for licking off the feet.:eek: 🙂
    The two that sleep with my son's get let out by my wife and they get treats........no shower towel or wet feet for those two. They go right back to bed with my son's after potty and treats.

    Nothing really changes on the weekend, sometimes we can get the four to come back to bed, but normally once they're up, they're up.

    Quite a shuffel everyday!

  • My dogs HAVE to be morning dogs - the funny part is when my daughters B needs to stay with me when she works long hours (the daughter not the dog). Then my daughter thanks me soooooo much for making her laid back sleep in B into a 5:30 AM perky lets get going dog!

  • Magnum will sleep in 'til he gets the notion that I'm leaving the house. I swear that boy can hold it forever.

    On the days I go into the office, he doesn't get his lazy butt up 'til I brush my teeth (that seems to be his cue that I'll be leaving soon, even though I brush my teeth at various times during the day to try and fool him).

    On the days I work from home, he stays cuddled up in bed (even when I brush my teeth…how does he know? I get up later those days...does he know how to tell time?) 'til "the need" drives him to look for me and let him out. I don't really do anything different those days except get up a little later.

    I swear he's the smartest dog I've ever had. I'm always asking myself "HOW DOES HE KNOW?" I can't seem to get the better of him. He just KNOWS.

  • I agree, I think Bs are the smartest dogs out there. They just know so much, and can figure things out, and are always a step ahead of their slaves, unless you are moving fast. haha!! My B, Sahara, is a morning girl, she gets up when I do, she follows me around (6:30) when I have to work, and lays down wherever I am, in the kitchen when I get the coffee on, then on the bed in guest room where my small bathroom is that I claim as my personal bathroom for getting ready to go out. She will stay and go back to sleep until I move, if I move, she moves. While I get her food ready she will go to her doggie door poke her head out and look around to see what is happening in her neck of the woods. I need to get a picture of that to post, it is so funny, all you see is that curly tail on the inside. She goes outside eventually to potty and its back to see if Mom is leaving. When I am ready I say, "Sahara Mommy is going to work". She follows me to the car, tries to pull on my sleeve to stay, (working on stopping this behavior, getting better). She makes a B run around the house, stops at my car and I say, I'll be back baby girl". She watches me leave and that's it until I get home, sometimes if it is raining she will quickly go back in to see Daddy. I can say, "Go see Daddy", and she will go back in the house. She is the smartest thing, I work only part-time, on days I am home we sleep until 9. She always seems to know when it is a work day even thou I work different days each week.

  • Garrett is so not a morning dog and I love it! He usually sleeps in till around noon. Then he crawls out of bed rubs his face on the carpet with his butt up in the air, jumps up, twirls, and streches. Then after that its off to the patio to lay in the sun for a few hours. This dog knows how to relax like a pro hah!
    he's a dog bed lover too. He gets so excited when we bring home a new dog bed. B's are such funny dogs

  • Morning dog what's that? LOL

    Tiggy seems to enjoy snooze just as much as I do, and don't even think of trying to get the boxer up, lol that's like trying to move a 70lbs of dead weight

  • Hollie's a morning dog (she HAS to go to work), unless it's a weekend. She will get me up to take her out, but once back inside it's back to bed with daddy until he gets up!!!

  • Lenny is a morning dog. He will come to the bed, stand on his back legs with his front paws on the edge of the bed and alternately tap them to wake me up. its quite funny…

    tayda is not a morning or an evening dog. she would sleep all day if i let her... she's more of a mealtime dog. ha ha.

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    she's more of a mealtime dog. ha ha.

    LOL…too funny, aren't they all 😉

  • Ok so just in the last few days, Lenny and Tayda have turned into 3-4am dogs. They both get up and shake shake shake and smack their lips and scratch at their beds and generally just make a lot of noise! I don't know what happened! I hope it stops soon.

  • @Tayda_Lenny:

    Ok so just in the last few days, Lenny and Tayda have turned into 3-4am dogs. They both get up and shake shake shake and smack their lips and scratch at their beds and generally just make a lot of noise! I don't know what happened! I hope it stops soon.

    Do you think they sense some kind of insecurity in their entirely new environment to "go outside"? I do hope they settle with you soon, if that is the case.

  • I should mention - that Duke and Daisy wait dutifully till I get out of bed to wake up in the morning. My DH kindly covers them with sleep shirt/blankets when they're wedged next to me each morning. DH is usually 1st up and out the door each day. D&D are morning dogs, once I am up. :rolleyes: They count on me being responsible for them - feeding and going outside - every day - clockwork. I just love loving them.:)

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