Amahle Kai - Basenji Tri

Hi again everyone, just dropping a couple photos to introduce my sweet Amahle Kai, the Tri!

0_1607787340618_Headshot.JPG 0_1607787499786_Laying.jpg

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Thanks @Kembe, I am grateful to have her

Tris are stunning. Such perfect color separation. Visually very interesting. I love her face. She looks a bit like a rascally raccoon. Very pretty girl! 😉

Beautiful girl! Enjoy your journey together, may it be long.

I spy... with my little eye....
a red&white B in bed with Kai?

Who might that B be?

Such long legs! So cute.

O, what a sweetheart! Stunning!

Beautiful young lady!

Tris are SPECIAL !
(and they know it 😇 )

I agree she is beautiful how old is she? I may have missed that and is she the only one you have?

Who are Mom and Papa to this lovely lady ? So I can add her to the online Basenji database ?

And email me a photo for inclusion. My email is on the websites in my signature block

What a Beauty!!!! And who is the red and white in the background?????

@jengosmonkey Thank you! Haha and she often acts like that, very sly.

@eeeefarm Thank you & thank you for welcoming us to this community!

@elbrant Haha, that is one of her litter mates - I'm not sure which!

@donc Thank you! I'm amazed at how teeny her body is overall, yet how long her legs are

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