Dog Tales

Here's a snapshot from the show putting the Basenji first in line before all other breeds.
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Also, is this the link some of you used but having problems due to regions and viewing rights?

If you can view, catch the "not that trainable" B. at 26:16. With that face, he needs not be at all 😆

You might also try your local library - ours here often have DVD copies of Nova and other shows to borrow.

As I mentioned, you likely can view the program by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) of which there are many available for download free online. I cannot view the program without using one, I get the same "rights reasons" message, even though the show has been aired on a cable station I receive. However, using a VPN that shows my IP address as being in the United States allows me to view the program on line. There are many other reasons to use a VPN, and lots of people use them for the privacy they offer.

@kembe said in Dog Tales:

Kembe had her yearly vet appointment on Monday and the vet said he had just watched a PBS special on dogs and he didn’t know that the Basenji was the oldest known dog breed directly descended from the wolf. He suggested I watch the show - which was very interesting. It’s called DOG TALES - NOVA Season 47, Episode 2, and its 54 minutes long. It first aired 2/12/20 and available to view until 3/11/20. You can watch it online or stream it. The Basenji is considered to be the “GRANDAD OF ANCIENT DOGS”, is the most ancient breed and the closet ancestor of the wolf. I really enjoyed the episode - it was very interesting.

Wow, I didn't know our race was the oldest. How curious!

No - Basenjis are not the oldest breed. They are among the oldest, among the 6 'original' breeds. Normally assessed as 6000 years old.
(In other words, as old as I feel after a long walk through the forest with puppy in a sling) 😴

Thank you so much "Belle Devi" for the link I was able to order a copy through my Amazon Prime membership for just A couple of dollars. My pup is now on my lap and shoulder for our morning computer bonding time and typing is trying for one of us and wonderful for both. I am really enjoying the program...had to stop at the fox section and I found it fascinating. Found it interesting when it said you cannot train your Basenji to do tricks...Prince will sit, lay down, focus and fetch until my arm tires out. Then he will toss the ball himself and go after it . THES GUYS SURE ARE SOMETHING!

Time to awaken THE ZOMBIE THREAD! Just saw this episode for the first time yesterday @Kembe. Absolutely fascinating on several topics. Seeing Basenjis among some of the oldest breeds; the brain scan survey showing dogs respond far more to positive reinforcement than they do food; the Russian fox breeding study around adrenal gland size controlling aggression and friendliness, and the same study showing that domestication in many breeds (not just dogs) seems to result in curly tails, white feet, roughs, skin spots and tail tips; and the Austrian Wolf/dog intelligence study which showed both could learn to work as a team with a human. It was funny though... the Austrian researcher commented that while the wolf could learn do anything that the dog could learn to do, the wolf would only do so if it wanted to. Sound familiar? Anyway, great program. Highly recommend it. 👍

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I really enjoyed that that PBS special too - some really interesting facts. The studies, research, and testing were fascinating. Enables you to understand the origins of some of the weird characteristics and features of our basenjis. Glad you found it worth watching! 👍

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I found the transcript from the documentary. If the age part is true, the rest is not (unless there's difference between our European bred Basenjis and those in Africa):

NARRATOR: Sharing the same curly-tailed trait [as the Akita] is the venerable African Basenji.

DEBBYE TURNER: Basenji is the granddad of ancient dogs. However, they’re not that trainable. They will not do obedience tricks like other breeds.

Come back here.

And here’s an example!

NARRATOR: There is something else very wolf-like about a Basenji…


NARRATOR: …its yodel.

These breeds reveal much about how dogs may have appeared and acted after they first transitioned from pack hunters to scavengers and provide clues as to why they may have first appealed to humans.

DEBBYE TURNER: You won’t see Basenjis doing tricks, but because of their closeness to their wolf ancestors, they are considered very adept hunters.

Here's the video link. Basenjis mentioned 25 min. into it.

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