Our first Basenji

He is very cute and looks similar to our Brindle Basenji, Arrow, who is 9 years old.

Your Basenji brought a smile to my face!
He is so cute! Congratulations!

@lory-h adorable pup! great cennel!

At this age get him used to the Dremel for tidying his nails. It will help a lot later to keep his nails short so as not to splay his feet. A good looking brindle that should give you lots of fun.

Thanks for the puppy cuteness this morning! He's soooo sweet!!

So handsome! I love the beautiful brindle coat and markings!

Good looking Pup ...Good luck

He is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just want to kiss that face!!! Thanks for sharing on the forum!!!!! ANd WELCOME!!! XOXOXO

We bought a dremel to do his nails and he absoutely hates it. I let him look, snif and move it while it was not off and he just backs up. I turned it on and he ran away. So we will us the dog clippers for his nails, those seem to be working.

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