• Here is a picture of our girl! It is an adventure so far! She is such a fun dog and the cat is going to be her friend! The cat hissed and Kizmet ran up and pushed kittys nose with her nose and ran away! Wish I had the camera for that! So far, so good and I am sure they will get along fine with time and supervision of course! Crate is a good thing although it is a bit challenging at bedtime. I have been bad and letting little Kizmet sleep on my lap while I watch Nascar and should probably be playing with her instead. Tired dogs sleep better! Our shepherd mix has never been crated and sits next to crate and whimpers with Kizmet! Tonight shepherd mix- Gypsy is sleeping in the bed with us and hopefully things will quiet down quicker! Kizmet gets the living room which is warmer than our bedroom and the cat sleeps in her tree next to the crate. Hopefully kitty doesn't get the crazies at midnight and wake Kizmet! New routine with puppy addition is going smoothly so far! I think puppies are a great alternative to gym memberships! I am whooped! Pee pads are great but I like my dogs to potty outside so today is a new record for potty trips to the outdoors! Gypsy likes it! Kizmet is pretty well leash trained already and it has only been a day and a half! Looking forward to lots of new adventures! 😃

  • First Basenji's

    She's adorable! I'm glad things are going good so far!

  • Houston

    Kizmet sure looks like a little doll..
    Sounds like things are going great..

  • Very cute… your in for a very busy time!

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