New boy is finally home!

Picked up our new boy, "Sarge", on Thursday. It was a long wait, but well worth it. He is a sweet boy and doing great with crate training. As you can tell by the picture, he is not being spoiled at all.


Very sweet! Enjoy these early days, they are gone too quickly….

Don't miss one minute of it - they're big before you know it.

Oh gosh it is obvious one of us needs to come rescue him from such a neglectful place, lol. He certainly appears to literally be in the lap of luxury. What a cuties.

It is so hard to train them when you are spoiling them rotten!!!

First Basenji's

what a love bug! the look of angelic sweetness!!! (hehehe!) Best of luck and Congrats!!!!!

That's just how they like it– swaddled like babies and cuddled up against you. He's adorable-- congrats!

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