Our new baby is finally here!

Yesterday we picked up our little girl and she is quickly making herself at home. Her name is Sherwood's Late Harvest Napa Rain, but we just call her Dolce (pronounced Dole-Chay). Look forward to her proud papa posting lots of pics & vids here.

Thanks Robyn!!!!

Welcome to the forum Dolce! Love your cute white-less face! Congrats to the proud papa! 😃 Looking forward to all the pics!

She looks soooo sleepy in these photos hehe. That's good though for the old saying goes….a tired Basenji is a good Basenji. 🙂

Very cute indeed.

OMG, look at them Dumbo ears!!! Ahhh, what a sweetheart!!


Dolce is beautiful, looking foward to reading all about her antics

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