Zoeys new baby brother

Today we picked up our new baby boy. We left at 2am this morning and didnt get home until 7:30pm. Zoey was fine all the way home and great with him until she was cuddled up to me in the front yard and he decided to join. A few warning growls but all in all things went well.

He is a round little guy and at only 3 months his feet are bigger than zoeys.

Right now its the name debate but it looks like my daughter is winning and he will be called mischief, I call him chief for short. I was leaning towards Moki and magic or magi but was out voted.

Very cute - congrats. I had a friend that had a dog named Loki - which is a Norse god of mischief. ;). Maybe that would be a possible compromise.

Oh, such a handsome young man. They look like a sweet pair together, and yes, his feet do look like puppy feet. πŸ™‚

I love little "toddler" B's!

You will have so much fun watching them do the b-500 around the house.
2 are really better than one!

And to add to the "Basenji Forum Family", "Chief" is C-Me's litter brother and he is also related to Jess's Maya! He is a very sweet as I got to meet him last weekend when I was there to pick up C-Me.

Congrats on your puppy! As we always say, you just can't have one…. Oh and a warning as we say about names... they "are" what you name them!... Mischief???.. and add to that "wicked Tri!"

He's lovely, i'm sure you are in for some fun times πŸ™‚

Congrats on your new family member! He looks very cute!

Adorable puppy! Im loving all the new babies πŸ™‚

And its lovely to see more of Maya's family in America πŸ˜ƒ

What a beautiful baby!! Congratulations!!

He is darling! I predict he will live up to his name, haha. Congratulations!


Wonderful news..so excited for all of you..

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