• Diego has a new brother!!!! Pedro is his name, and he's a Tri. Real brothers, same parents, different litters (does that make them brothers?? I think so). Diego has been king for a year, so his patience is being tested, he's handling it very well. I love my Basenji's soooooooo much, would love to have a whole bunch of them.

  • Me too. I'm on the list for BRAT to see if we can have an addition to our family. There's something definetly very special about B's. Champ is my baby boy, I just adooreeee him to death. Congrats on ur new baby boy.

  • Thank you, I am triing to get some pictures up so I can show him off. They are just to fun together. What a beautiful pair they are. There are still more available in Pedro's litter. I would love to take them all. Beautiful pups, and the parents as well.

  • I tried with BRAT and it just didnt work out for me. I have a small child and they weren't very happy about that. Long story but there were other things they required, and each time I tried for one he ended up adopted (I guess thats a good thing).

  • Don't even get me started on that I would go nuts if I came across B puppies since we adopted Champ 5 months agao and he was already 1 year old. I missed out on the puppy years and from all the pics on see on this site, I feel like I missed on some real cute puppy moments.

  • @Sam:

    I love my Basenji's soooooooo much, would love to have a whole bunch of them.

    I used to think that…back when I had one. 😉 Now that Keoki has moved in and we have to jump on the couch to get out of the way of the Basenji 500 with two of them, slipping and sliding and smashing into furniture two, three, four times a day, I am thinking that two is a really good number. LOL

    But I sure love them more than I expected -- the breed, not the dogs. I fully expected to love my dogs, LOL. I know I've mentioned before that this breed was a size compromise between dh and myself. I have never cared much for smaller dogs.
    But now I am a diehard Basenji girl. I don't know that I'd ever be convinced to have anything else now.

    Congrats on your new baby! It IS exciting isn't it?:D I can't wait to see pictures.

  • I think two is the ideal number. IMO, a male and female is the way to go.

    That was our original intention…......:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  • I think it's a good number for casual pet owners. I understand the breeders or maybe serious show-folk would want more.

    Yes, we went with male/female on Bryan's recommendation. He and Laurie also feel it's the best combo.

    He did have a little girl with a "to die for" face {no white and COVERED in wrinkles!} that I would have taken in a heart beat. Fortunately, he knows Jazzy and saw certain personality traits in the puppy that were, apparently, too similar – can't have TWO queen bitches in one house -- and steered us toward Keoki.
    Funny, I can't imagine having any other puppy now. He has my heart!

  • @JazzysMom:

    Funny, I can't imagine having any other puppy now. He has my heart!

    They do become like life mates and are fun to watch:) .

    Sounds like that pup has found the right place to live, with just the right Hoomans!:D

    I will always have a Basenji in my life….......as long as I'm able anyway!:eek:

  • I do most of the dog walking, winter almost always just me. I could not handle three on a walk!

    I agree a male & female is perfect.

    I would still love to own a brindle and a black & white, maybe the next pair.

    I also agree I dont see myself ever being basenjiless.

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