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    Elliot and Morgan trying out their new bed. Morgan likes it now but it took a few days. haha

  • Beautiful pair!

  • Great picture! Once upon a time I tried out my friend's bean bag bed and my two girls loved it. I bought them their own, and you guessed it, they hated it and wouldn't use it. I eventually gave it away. Glad yours like what you got them!

  • What a handsome pair! Morgan and Ava look so much alike. πŸ™‚

    I bought Ava a Coolaroo, but it wouldn't fit together with the cover on it. The cover wouldn't stretch enough for the pieces to screw in place. Did you have trouble putting yours together?

  • Is Ava a Meisterhaus dog? If so I think Morgan is her nephew. πŸ™‚ He's by Vinnie (GCh. Meisterhaus Victory Van Gogh) who is Ava's littermate.

    That is the bed I bought. It was a little hard getting the last of the bars together but it wasn't too bad.

  • Yes, Ava is Morgan's aunt. πŸ™‚ She is Vinnie's baby sister. There is a strong family resemblance among the brindles in that line. Good genes!

  • ah! been wanting to get that bed as well for outdoors looks comfy.

  • Looks like a neat bed!

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