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Giving her a warm water and apple cider vinegar rinse will help

Are you mixing this in a 1:1 ratio and then applying it after a bath? ...maybe I should try it on my hair oops, did I say that out loud?

Yes, 1:1 ratio as a rinse after bathing or you can just use it as a rinse. LOL, works for human hair, too-- if you don't mind the vinegar smell. Fritos definitely smell better!

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She's a cutie! Sounds like she'll make a wonderful companion no matter the pedigree. And I second the jumping ability-- once they realize how high they can leap, nothing is safe!

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Could be warm weather and an overgrowth of yeast fungi. Giving her a warm water and apple cider vinegar rinse will help. It will make her fur nice and shiny. Ava is prone to itchy paws, so when she starts biting and scratching at her feet, I soak her paws. She's not a big fan of it, but it works!

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I agree with the others that you deserve an answer. Whether there's a puppy for you or not, it impacts your family's life in a big way and you need to know. Did she tell you there would be a puppy for you from one of these litters? With multiple litters, you might not know which litter your puppy will come from until the little one is ready to take home, but I've never heard of no contact for a month after the puppies arrive.

I really hope it works out for you. Keep trying! Are you in touch with any other breeders who might have an extra puppy for you... or know someone who might?

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He's adorable! Makes me really, really want a puppy this year.

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My last B came to me litter box trained, and it was so easy. I had a litter box set up for him when I brought him home and he went right to it and used it. No accidents in the house. To transition him, I took the litter box outside where I wanted him to go and he used it there. After a day or so, I took the litter box up and took him to the spot and gave him the "go potty" command, and he got it right away. My current B wasn't litter box trained and it was much harder with her.

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I just realized that this might be a bit confusing. I'm referring to two different dogs. My parents' dog is being thyroid tested. Ava is my dog and she has no shortage of energy!

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@tanza My parents' dog is a rescue, but she had the Fanconi test when she was a year old. Luckily, it's not Fanconi.

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@rugosa So it's like the 3-year rabies vaccine-- exactly the same as the 1-year product but costs more due to the added testing. When Ava was vaccinated last year, her vet didn't have the 3-year DHPP. Hopefully, she won't need to be vaccinated again.

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@seibel45 She just turned five, but has gotten really lethargic, with no energy—lies around and sleeps all the time. She’s drinking a lot more water, pees more and her hair has been thinning. Her coat is losing its shine and feels rough, almost matted. Her skin has gotten flaky and scaly, but not itchy. She had been to the groomers for a bath and nail clip, so the vet said she could be having an allergic reaction to their products. The hair loss suddenly escalated around her tail—and the “rat tail” really made me think thyroid.

She’s had several eye and ear infections over the past six months and has been prescribed antibiotics for those. The vet suggested allergies, until the hair loss and change in her coat. She’s fed Fromm’s Surf-n-Turf, so no chicken or grains, and she’s been eating it for years. She’s on flea control and has been tested for parasites. No UTI; negative fecal. So we’re down to thyroid… Cushing’s (no weight gain or pot belly, though)… some unknown allergy… or maybe something else?

Thanks for the advice! I agree about Hemopet-- it's worth the added cost. We just want to find out what's wrong with her so we can get her the treatment she needs.

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