My boys

Chaffie My crazy boy, always so happy..
He makes us laugh every time and Ryan's best friend…
He is so special to me also because he tells me when I got an allergy attack
Love him so much

Little Buana, our sweetie.. always a bit lazy but soooo sweet…
He is an old soul... I love him so much!

And at the holliday Sinterklaas (Holland) we all make a surprise for eachother with a present in it…
What did I get?!!?!
A Basenji!! yiihaaa

The boys are very loved by my family:

My mom dad and brothers (with their kids) all want a dog but are to busy working so our doggies are so loved.. 😃

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Love the "boxenji" that was built.

Hehe, you can tell Buana and Chafuko are quite comfortable around your family. They are stretched out and happy. 🙂

Good of you to share them!!!!

Great photos, love your Basenji gift Box!

+1 on the gift box… how clever!

Buana is one real buff basenji... I love his muscular look. 🙂

Your boys are gorgeous ❤

Love the gift box 😃


We had a great evening and the boys.. well they are always spoiled big time 😃

Oh that boxenji is way funny! how clever.
thanks for sharing the pics

The best basenji is a spoiled basenji. 🙂

Luv the pics… and the boxenji!

so in love! Why when I see any pictures of basenji's i fall in love with each and everyone of them!?

so sweet

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