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  • Hank looks SO happy.

  • @davidbstylin
    Hank is definitely a CUTIE! ❤🐾🐕

  • Thank you for the comments on Hank. I get many comments on him daily. He goes everywhere with me and loves all the attention. He is a very special and handsome boy. He is very proud and shows it. Thanks again and have blessed days

  • Hank looks fun, I can see Basenji traits in him. If you’re really curious you could get him DNA tested, or not. They’re not too expensive and usually take about a week.

  • I have decided that as soon as I have the extra money I will do the DNA test. The thing that got me was when I was reading about the Basenji breed. It was like I was reading about Hank. The more I read the more I was saying ok who did a story on my dog. There were a few differences but so many were spot on. He is stubborn as can be and one thing that really stands out is. He loves to have me take his rope toy and I will stand with my legs a bit apart and then tease him by going like around the outside and inside of one leg. Hank will sit there and watch and I swear he is trying to like figure out a pattern or something. He will not just go back and forth like 99% of dogs would. And escape artist is a understatement for Hank. And the list goes on.

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