This pic makes him look big. I went right in close to take it. His 1st ball.

    DUKE (060715) 6 MONTHS OLD
    This is Dukes rear end. I think his markings make him look like he's wearing a pair of black shorts. It was a super hot day - He waited for A/C relief.

    Hope this works:

  • It worked! I could only get 2 pics on the post. Maybe I should size the pics smaller. These are 640x480. If they were smaller, would I be able to get more pics on a post? Does anyone know? I've fiddled with this for some time now. I'm no computer genius and it frustrates me.

  • wow! He is really cute!

  • I love these pictures, I have yet to put my Sahara's pics on the computer, I don't know how, and my scanner is broke, do I need to use one to do the job. I am no computer wiz either, my son is but he lives about an hour away. So until I can get some help I guess I won't be doing it. Your Duke might be a handful as you say, but how can you resist him, he is so handsome. I usually don't care for the black & whites, but I must say he is gorgeous. My next B might just have to be a black & white, haha:D

  • Wow, he really is cute. He looks like a really fun dog, his markings are wonderful, he does look like he's wearing shorts!

    Anne in Tampa (MacPack)

  • It's getting easier . . .

    1 more of Duke the 1st week home - 10-12 weeks old. 060315

    Duke 7 mos old.

  • One down - more to go!! Duke earned a certificate! Good thing PetSmart doesn't count hostility toward his classmates against him. Here is Duke, his instructor and my son for this proud Kodak moment. :o

  • Wow! Great picture…and congrats! Keep sending more of those cuties!

  • My little boys - playing house with snack to share.

    Duke on top of his perch - ready to pounce!

  • Duke is really a handsome guy… Its great to finally see him, been waiting...

  • Thank you Sunny - Of course I think both my boys are adorable. I'll try and use photobucket.com. Got one more I think is puppy cute.

  • Don't you just love it when puppies fan their legs out and back like this picture? Do they outgrow the ability when they are adult? I hope not. It is so cute. 🙂

    I just got prompted to use photobucket.com and with a bit more fiddling, I think I got it. I'll try and remove the .jpg files and replace with this option - if it works. (fingers X crossed) 😕
    Editing here . . .
    needed to use the IMG box . . . if I was only patient to read directions!!!

  • He is so cute!!!!

  • I love the crate pictures, and who wouldn't love the puppy pics…..very nice.

    What a beautiful B and it's clear he gets lots of love. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you to use photobucket.com, at last I can see Duke's pics, nice dog!

  • Jill… you did it !!!! I too think its cute when Sandie lays like that back leggs all out behind her ...

  • Wow, Duke is really a handsome boy!!! Love the picture of him on top of his crate!!!!!!!!

  • He is just beautiful!

  • Thank you for the compliments. Yes he is loved - gets loads of attention. Duke and my son are so good together - like brothers. Though he was a very cute puppy, I was worried because he was a major handful, unlike any other sweet puppy I've ever had. He is the perfect fit now that training and maturity have taken hold.

    Does Duke look like he is all Basenji? You may remember reading that I didn't know what he was until he was 6 mos old. He hasn't ever been seen, except in pics I sent to the Basenji Companions Club and here. He looks like the other black/white Basenjis. I don't know if it matters unless I decide to go further with lure or agility competitions. What do I need to do to get him registered Basenji? Any advice you may offer is appreciated. Thanks.

  • Very nice pics! Glad ya'll found one another. So sad his tail got bobbed. good to see you've learned sme more bout these infernal puters too! Thanks for the smile

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