Birthday Boy
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  • Happy 11th birthday, Perry!

    "There's a dog on my street!"

    Perry cares less about it being his birthday than about the dog "trespassing" in his territory! :)

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  • First Basenji's

    Sure is a handsome guy!!! Don't you just love looking into those eyes! Love the closeup! Perry sure is intent! Hope he enjoys the day and Happy Birthday Perry! Many more!

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    Perry's big day has come and gone, but Ava and I wish him a happy belated b-day! He's quite the dashing fellow– but of course, he already knows that. :)

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  • Wow, what a beautiful boy–he looks like a 5 yr old! His humans obviously take great care of him. What are you feeding?

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  • @YodelMa:

    What are you feeding?

    He eats NRG dehydrated, and also Acana senior in his roller ball when I go out. He has lots of energy and people I meet when we are on walks don't believe his age. :)

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    Congratulations from Lela and Binti!

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