Birthday Boy

Happy 11th birthday, Perry!

"There's a dog on my street!"

Perry cares less about it being his birthday than about the dog "trespassing" in his territory! 🙂

First Basenji's

Sure is a handsome guy!!! Don't you just love looking into those eyes! Love the closeup! Perry sure is intent! Hope he enjoys the day and Happy Birthday Perry! Many more!

Perry's big day has come and gone, but Ava and I wish him a happy belated b-day! He's quite the dashing fellow– but of course, he already knows that. 🙂

Wow, what a beautiful boy–he looks like a 5 yr old! His humans obviously take great care of him. What are you feeding?


What are you feeding?

He eats NRG dehydrated, and also Acana senior in his roller ball when I go out. He has lots of energy and people I meet when we are on walks don't believe his age. 🙂

Congratulations from Lela and Binti!

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