• I have decided to neuter my 2.5 year old boy for various reasons: he is not a show dog, we are not mating him, it's not fair to the dog, it may be better for his health, life will be easier for him, and it will be easier for me. Also thought and lost some sleep over other negatives as well. Basicaly it was a long, 2-year long decision. You name any pro or con - the thought was considered. So decision did not come easy.

    I guess I am still nervous - the procedure is scheduled for Friday and I am sort of freaking out. I guess I am looking for some support? Not sure. Just wanted to share…. Somebody, tell me it will be OK!

  • It will be fine…. boys bounce back really quickly and infact, so do the girl from a spay

  • He'll be fine. Just make sure to get pre-blood work done just incase there are in values that are "off".

  • Exactly agilebasenji… and recommended to every Basenji owner to have a baseline no later then 2yr... (I do it at one year) with a full blood panel... then any ones done after can be compared... and of course always before any type of surgery... It is well worth the money... period! And if all the values are normal before the surgery and then off after.. tells you something happened with surgery... usually related to anesthesia and then they know exactly how to treat if this is the issue. Sighthounds are sensitive to anesthesia, so you should talk to your Vet and know that he/she is intune to this.

  • Thank you, everyone.

    That's a very sound advice about blood work - thanks - I did not think of that!

    My girl was spayed when I got her, so I don't have experience with her healing time - but I hear surgery is a bit more involved for females anyway. She is a spunky kid 🙂 if she bounced back from it, I hope my Talon will be fine, too! I am just worried as it would be my first neutering experience, and from churning all the thoughts over, and not knowing what to expect, maybe I am over-worrying.

    THANKS for the support!!!!

  • Of course you're worried, that's because you're a good dog momma. I will warn you that after my boys were neutered, there was some swelling and that is normal. But my boys did fine and both were over 10 when I neutered them. (They both had a tnt - tooth and testicle -ectemy.) You should also cook a few meals for your dog so that he will have something to eat post surgery after he feels up to eating. He doesn't need that, but it will give you something to do and you will feel good when you see him eating food you slaved over. I like to do the liver cleanse diet ( google Jean Dodds liver cleanse) after surgery when I think of it. That should help the liver rid the body of any residual toxins and anesthesia. I don't always do that and it may not make any difference, but it makes me feel like i'm doing something helpful.

  • Thanks agilebasenji! :):) the hardest part will be the wait before I can pick him up!

  • Googled the diet, seems good enough for my liver, too! haha thanks again!

  • Since I have to be there for my horses over the years I know my vets and they know me. They let me stay for all procedures with my animals. I was able to assist with my 2 guys castration procedure. Also, our female hound's hysterectomy. It was nice to be there. No problems. Perhaps you can ask your vet about attending the procedure.

  • Male neutering is a pretty simple procedure. With horses it's just a tad more "interesting", particularly if they do them "down". My vet did them standing, which is much less scary. It's always dicey when a horse comes out of anesthetic if he's down. They tend to stagger around after they get up and can be hard to control. My neighbour did one of her male dogs in her garage with a mobile vet attending. No fuss, no muss, done and done. A spay is a different matter! Complications, although rare, can be life threatening. (of course, with an undescended testicle things get complicated with a male too)

  • OH! and while you're cooking, you might want to cook some human cookies for the vet and staff. I try to do that as a blatant bribe, er, I meant to show my appreciation. yea, that's it! 😉

  • First Basenji's

    Don't freak out, you are doing him a GREAT favor!!!! Thanks!!!! Had a dog here for boarding and un-neutered. The owners told me something I was unfamiliar with: when a bitch is in heat within 5 miles of him, he gets in a 'frozen' position , hunched back, and a big lipstick…and she called the Vet about it and said they laughed....(not funny for the poor guy.....) So, you are 'relieving" him of problems!

  • Thank you, everyone. It's been a week, and Talon is doing really great. He walked out from the clinic and was totally himself, being a bit groggy aside… Little scar heals up nicely. His behavior is very good, and he plays with his sister like a rascal that he is.

    Kasiya was already spayed when I got her, so I did not experience going through the neutering with her - although judging by the scar it is definitely far more complicated procedure. I hear stitches come out 10 days post-surgery. Poor baby girl! But of course she is totally fine now.

    In any case, your support was very important to me and hearing "he'll be fine" was exactly what I needed - and he, indeed, is fine! Thanks again, all!

  • Yea! and you survived it.

  • Most Vets now days use glue, so there are no stiches to take out when a bitch is spayed.

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