What to expect with neuter surgery?

Hello! We are scheduling Lincoln for his neuter surgery soon (he will be 2 in February, and was kept intact for showing/breeding purposes by his breeder). All my previous male dogs were neutered at a much younger age. What should I expect after the surgery? Will he have any changes in personality or behavior?

You should not see much of any change other than to not be as interested in bitches in season or interested in the typical Basenji Breeding Season. Of course each dog is different, but I doubt you will see much change

@tanza Thank you! He started howling mournfully in October and I think it is because he know it is breeding season...

While there shouldn't be much differences, some interesting research lately indicates that neutering, even of adults, can result in more reactive dogs. I'm super tired tonight so I am not going to post the links. But if anyone is actually interested, respond and I will tomorrow. This has been a long discussion on a Samoyed genetics board I belong to, as they have moved far from neutering males and there is a lot of distress over females as there is fairly solid research supporting spaying females to reduce diabetes. Anyway, some posted behavioral changes so I'll be glad to share those as they are not breed related.

@DebraDownSouth Thanks! Would you mind posting the links? I'd be interested in reading them.

My male used to do a 180 as soon as an intact female came in the training center - even if she was on the far side. After neuterization, that went away fairly quickly.
And he did not become agressive or more reactive or any other personality change afterward either.

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