How much more growth can I expect?

Gizmo is 5 months today, and is around 10.6Kg.

Can I expect him to grow more in height/width/length?

I just bought a nice harness for him, but it is just ever so slightly too big for him.
It's for a medium breed, and the next size bellow is for small/xsmall breed. I imagine the small breed straps could fit on the max setting, but the design and fitting would most likely be too tight around the chest/legs area.

This is the measurements/label of the harness. Do you think he will grow into it? I really hope so, it's a great harness.

Gizmo is a big boy 😉 Tillo was 'only' 7 kilo when he was 5 months. He's about 10.5 kg now. He would probably fit your new harness on the smallest size, so there is hope 😉

Good looking harness btw. 🙂

Thanks Janneke. Yeah I am very pleased with it. Soft, and sturdy. If he pulls it balances out the pressure to the chest rather than the neck…unlike the other harness I had.

It's all muscle! lol! It does fit on the smallest setting, but it's still a little bit loose.

Hmm, so I guess I can expect more growth after 5 months then? Lord, he just might turn out to become 12-13 kg!

It depends on the breeder. Some finish growing and filling out at two years, some are slower. AJ didn't completely fill out until he was five.

I'd imagine that Gizmo would keep growing in height if he is only 5 months. Is the last video you posted recent (as of 2 weeks)? It looks like he still has "growth knuckles" so I imagine some additional height is possible. And his body will likely continue to fill out more. His is still really young. But like AJ said, that takes a while for some dogs.

Hm, I think I will return it today and wait until he is older til I invest in a new harness. Just stick to the neck collar for now.

My pup Liyah who will be 1 yr on Saturday is still not fully mature. She grew and matured A LOT over the last month - her breeders commented on it when they saw her last weekend, and they had seen her 3 weeks before. Her brothers & sisters are far more mature than she is - the difference has been noticeable since about 5 months.

Have you seen any of Gizmo's siblings to compare his growth to them. You might get some idea about his growth if you saw some of them.

As AJ said-depends on the line. But I suspect a lot more filling out. If you want to use the harness, I would keep it. Gizmo may take a few years to fill out totally. Shadow and Sugar didn't fill out until 2-3 and Sugar really looked better after the puppies, so she was around 3 1/2. I don't know if I would want to wait that long to buy another harness.

Basenji Mix

I am definitely wondering the same thing about lilu(B mix), she is 3 1/2 months old and she is already 7 kilos….looks like shes gonna be a big gurl!


I am definitely wondering the same thing about lilu(B mix), she is 3 1/2 months old and she is already 7 kilos….looks like shes gonna be a big gurl!

The fact that she is a mix, you never will know how much she will grow or how big she will get…. as they say, what you see is what you get...

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