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We've had our puppy for three weeks as first time dog owners, and there have definitely been times when we felt we'd made a huge mistake, like when she figured out on day 3 how to climb out of her play pen, though we should have been using the door instead of teaching her the way in and out was over the top by putting her in that way. For the most part, she wants to be on our laps or chasing something. We also created our own problem with a minor case of separation anxiety by indulging her desire to be on our laps all the time, but she's learning so quickly (mostly house trained, sit, come, stay, don't bite if you want to be on the couch, it's okay to be alone, etc.) and has brought a lot of fun and snuggles to our lives. We're also very popular in our city neighborhood and our vet because of her. We were also very proud at puppy play when she held her own against the three other doodles that were significantly larger. So far the only differences between her and other breeds is that she climbs and yodels and is much smarter than the retrievers I grew up with, but that has made her easier to train. She has wanted to meet every single person and dog she sees, and seems disappointed if they don't acknowledge how cute she is. And we're definitely getting in better shape with the walks and chasing! I would highly recommend a basenji based on my very limited experience, but thought I'd share my impressions so far as a newbie to dog ownership and the breed.

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Thanks so much! Makes me feel better. And I got her from Nocturnal Kennels in NC.

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I've got a 9 week trindle girl, and she really loves being outside in the city to meet people. However, she wants to RUN, and we take her out four times a day! I've read puppies this age only need 10-15 minutes a day of vigorous exercise and shouldn't be over worked, but do basenji puppies need more? We stop as soon as she stops, but it's clear sometimes she pushes herself a bit much. Any advice on moderating puppy exercise?

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