• There is always a surprise with Basenji's around, be it good or bad.
    Last year my parents got a brand new patio furniture set with fabric seats and seat backs…and my B quickly chewed through the corners of each seat bottom...luckily they were on warranty! Tonight at supper I was at my parents house for supper with Nulla in the back yard as we ate. Apparently she didn't like being ignored (we should have known better!) and just as I am saying "wow, I'm surprised Nulla hasn't chewed through the new seats" I look to my left and there she is chewing away. I promptly ran outside and stopped that behavior! I feel terrible and will have to replace the seat covers once again (this time they are not on warranty) 😞

  • 😞 well they know how to get your attention now! the little rascals….

  • I understand….after years of not messing with the siding on the house, our older group determined that there was a chipmunk or something nesting at the base of the house, and started pulling and ripping at the siding....ugh....

  • My previous beastie did the siding thing too when the chipmunks went up the rain drain. He coulnd't tell that they were in the drain and not under the siding :(. I had to put screening on the end to keep the chipmunks out. When they get something in their head there's almost no stopping them :).

  • My first Basenji, Nipper gave me and my Mother a good surprise. This happened on Halloween in 1975 when she was 10 months old. I went out with my friends earlier in the evening and my Mother seeing the dog sleeping nicely on the couch decided to leave her in alone going out herself for the evening. We would usually put her out if we were leaving. Well she woke up at one point and didn't like being left alone and this is what she did. When I got home at around midnight I tried to open the door from the garage leading into the kitchen. I could not open it, pushing and pushing. I finally pushed it open as the carpet had been ripped back. When I looked around the house the curtains in the living room were shredded. Mom was a bit upset and said she needed to go. I got Nipper from her best friend. The next day I got an extra piece of carpet and fixed it and you couldn't even tell anything happened, Mom got new curtains and all was forgiven. Needless to say that Basenji was wonderful and was my best friend for 17-1/2 years.

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