Adopted a girl Basenji, neuter boy?

  • I had posted earlier this year about whether we should neuter our male. I was surprised at the responses as most if not all said we should not neuter him.

    However we just adopted a 2 year old female, our boy is now 13 months. Since we have a female in the house now do you recommend neutering him asap?

  • Is the girl spayed? And if not are you prepared to separate them for at least 30 days when she comes in season? Also making sure that there are NO neighborhood dogs that could get to her? This means is you go to dog parks that would be a NoNo for at least 45 days.

  • @cognition It makes no difference. It is still not good for the boy to be castrated. Now you have to be patient for about a month every year and keep them apart ! It is not good to neuter either of them - for their own sakes. Leave them entire and learn to live with it - for their sakes.

  • Sorry, but I believe that dogs' health should come first. I understand the dilemma that it puts shelters and rescue agencies in, but in general I believe if you can't handle having intact dogs don't get them. Full stop.

    The more research that is done the more clear it is that we hurt dogs by neutering them. Yes it is annoying to keep a bitch safe once or twice a year when it is in heat, but if you aren't willing to do that why would you get it? Nor should his health suffer because you chose to get a bitch and seem unsure of your ability to keep them separated. I really wish people asked this question before adding an intact dog to their family.

    The next question is whether you are willing to keep them apart and want help with ideas on how to make it as peceful as possible. Having lived with a male dog that howled the entire time we had a bitch in heat, I can only say that it isn't Fun but it is doable. You can do this!

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