• I have a bowling tournament this weekend in Charlotte North Carolina. I live in northern Ohio. Our tournament team consists of 15 girls. Every year, this tournament is our getaway. Last year we bowled in Reno, and went to Lake Tahoe for a day. It was awesome.

    Ok, so my point-

    We decided to take Missi and Cooper (our Bs) with us to Charlotte this year rather than board them or leave them with family/friends. We are staying at a pet friendly hotel and we're taking their ex-pen. Has anyone taken a road trip (approx 8 1/2hrs) with 14 week old B pups before? Anyone want to pass on words of wisdom?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • Don't let them drive…..:D

  • We are currently in the middle of a Spring Break road trip with Nicky, 9, Rally, 6, Rio, 2, and Sophie, 17 weeks. We are doing pretty well. The first leg of the trip was a 10 hour drive to Las Vegas. We try to stop about every 3 hours. They all did well our four days in Vegas. I would recommend taking the pups back out right after they have had a chance to explore the room. It seems to be exciting enough to work Sophie up enough to pee. The next leg of the trip was about 4.5 hours to Irvine. We stopped a little before the half way point at about 2 hours. That seemed fine with them since it was warm in the desert and they didn't really want to spend to much time out of the air conditioned car. Today after an hour run at the dog beach we took a small trip down the coast to San Diego. So far so good. Thursday will be the return trip which will be another long drive but they should be quite happy to see home.

  • I drove to Robyn's in Georgia from Niagara Falls to pick up both of mine. Once we got going they settled right in and we drove for a few hours in-between potty breaks. But all in all they travelled well!

  • I recommend ear plugs, Zahra makes a lot of noise when in the car!

    I have taken her and Chase to my sisters which is about 4 1/2 hours away and she makes some noise but then settles down.

  • Yeah, Missi and Cooper love car rides. No matter how hyper they are when we start, after about 5 minutes, they fall asleep. I'm hoping that they will sleep for most of this trip too! Wish us luck!

  • Also, plan on bringing a blanket or comforter with you so they have something to sleep on that smells like home. We do that when we travel and it seems to help them realize we are at home away from home.

  • We put them in plastic crates when they travel….......keeps them in one place and keeps them from destroying your car............or pooping on and in your consol.:D

    The consol thing happened to one of our Basenji Forumites and I'm still laughing to myself about that one.:D

  • We've gone on many vacations with ours. They all seem to travel well and fall asleep after getting on the interstate. Our last trip was with just our (then) 6 month old. You would have not even known she was in the car in the whole time. We use to travel with them loose in the back seat but now always keep them safe in their crates (keeps your car in tact and MUCH safer for your B). We'll stop every 3 hours at a rest stop to let everyone stretch for a bit. We pack a wire tie downs and ground screws. Like lvoss said, take them out shortly after exploring a new place. We learned this the hard way. Our girl had diarrhea after 8 hours of driving (not sure why) and found out 15 minutes after checking into the room. Too bad it was 1 a.m. and didn't know if it was a pet friendly hotel – hey after several exits of "no pets" at 1 a.m. I figured just don't ask and we'll leave if they ask us to. Fortunately we packed some Nature's Miracle just in case! You may also want to pick up some ComfortZone spray. It helps to calm them down in the crate (we've had mixed results -- one it knocks out and the other seemed unaffected). We also get special ID tags for trips with our cell phone on them, just in case. Good luck!

  • Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions! I read about the poo in the console too, yucky! There will be 4 of us and the 2 dogs, so hopefully we can keep them out of trouble. :eek:

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