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Thanks again for the responses all!

I will review all the material received and respond back with my thoughts and or further questions.

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@aprilk said in Basenji Puppy - Indoor Fence/Crate?:

So, My basenjis have always been pretty good about not chewing things they shouldn't (except for the occasional tissue paper-they all need to die apparently...) I haven't had any of the horror stories you sometimes hear. The way I did it was to keep a TON of bones around...All different kinds and anytime my pup was thinking about chewing something they shouldn't I stuff a bone in their mouth (gently of course, its more like "Here, have this!" you can't actually stuff anything in their mouths if they don't want it ;). When they were little we kept a pretty good eye on this, but it started to stick pretty quickly. It has seemed to work really well for me-I'm not yelling or getting angry, I'm replacing bad chewing with something good (Basenjis are pretty ok with that...)

Also, and you may know this already, but basenjis are crazy smart even as puppies and will do stuff (like chew bad things) to get your attention, especially if they feel you are ignoring them or not playing enough...basically you only get a break when they take a nap! 🙂

Oh, and if you were asking me, no I am definitely not a breeder, I can hardly keep up with my 2!

Yeah he definitely seems like he is attention seeking at times even though we flood him with it lol Are bones ok even if he is a puppy? We have toy bones we give him when he starts chewing along with other toys yet he always seems to prefer human hands lol

@hizbaby said in Basenji Puppy - Indoor Fence/Crate?:

Yep! Willy also likes to pile all her things up in certain places, in front of the fridge seems to be the favorite!
As for a warning label - I agree, and all of could probably fill TOMES of pages listing them, which is why it is SO very very very important that anyone embarking on the adventure of LIFE WITH A BASENJI do their research and have a good understanding of exactly ( well, as exact as possible, they WILL definitely throw you a curve every now and then!) what to expect and be able to truly be committed to accepting their quirky little ways - ESPECIALLY if getting a puppy, who can be quite a daunting handful for at least the first 2 full years. But when the fit is right, there is nothing else like them, and the relationship built is truly a treasure to cherish for a lifetime!

Yes I'm torn between enjoying him as a puppy and hoping he matures lol

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@tanza Right, I understand from a breeder's perspective why they don't want their pups they give away to procreate without them... but I don't plan on breeding my pup I just want him to grow as healthy as possible. If neutering could impact this it really bothers me.

@helle-devi Yes our breeder had the same thing in the contract... but I am wondering if that's for her benefit and not the dogs? Seems like most people are saying not to neuter on here which I was very surprised to read.

I am surprised no one who has neutered their dog responded 😞 I thought I'd get a lot of people encouraging it... I'll really read the links provided. Thanks all!

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@zande Thank you for the response. I guess if you were a breeder you wouldn't have the need to do it, since you want offspring right? I think the other general concerns they say are that the pet might be too aggressive or want to wander to find a mate... Is any of that true you think? Yes please send that article from Liz, I'd like to definitely read it.

@donc Thank you for providing that link I am going to read through it. Our breeder said to do it at 6 months. I honestly was surprised to read so many here are opposed to it, I thought it was more of a common thing to do. Preventing testicular cancer, and agression, wandering for a mate are the reasons that come to mind.

@jengosmonkey Yeah I guess preventing strays is always good, but I think making sure your dog is watched is on the owner. Great story share though.

@senjisilly I never heard of the tubal ligation, interesting... is it safe?

@vivsos said in Should I neuter my Basenji?:

I'm surprised your breeder has suggested neutering, unless there is something in the line they're not admitting to.
All I can suggest is read, read, read - and make your own mind up.
Having done the same, my choice would be to leave intact, assuming I ever have another entire dog. Don't forget, once it's done you cannot change your mind.
Rescues generally see the effects of irresponsible/accidental breeding and act accordingly.
It's not done to people (more's the pity IMNSHO), so why put your pet through it, just for convenience?
And make d*mn sure your dog does not get out!

My feeling is she doesn't want someone else potentially having offspring of her breeding... But not sure... any other intentions she might be hiding? Maybe he is carrying the fanconi gene (I think she said some of her puppies are carriers but would never develop it... but could pass it on). However I think she requires this of all her dogs.

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Thank you going to try this with him biting my pant leg as well lol

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I am curious who has neutered their dog and who hasn't.... Our breeder said we should neuter him and I read the main reason is that they don't contract testicular cancer.

I just feel bad about doing this though... like I'll alter him in some way that's not natural... Plus I heard you can't enter your dog into shows if he is neutered?

I was thinking of taking up a hobby one day like lure coursing or something.... does neutering mess their physicality up?

Yes I am admittingly a novice dog owner so appreciate all constructive feedback!

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@zande Thanks for sharing! Are you a breeder too? I saw your link.

@aprilk wow that is some story! I try to only crate him when I can't supervise him. I actually gave him some free roam for a bit and he was doing really well until he bit through the thread on the leg to the couch 😞 This happend the other day so I've been having to crate him anytime I can supervise him. When you see your basenji puppy biting something he shouldn't what is the approach to train him to stop and be calm?

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Living room is probably what we are looking at. Right now using a travel hybrid like crate but know a bigger one will be needed.


I have like a little pen made of some stretch plastic but he keeps pulling it in and turning it upside down lol I see they are escape artists.. Is there a specific one you'd recommend that he won't be able to escape from?


I'm thinking maybe using the kitchen is a good idea...


Unfortunately the basement isn't finished and don't have sunroom 😞 So far been using the living room/kitchen but the only thing gated off are the steps. I try to keep him out as much as I can when home and crate him only if I can't supervise. I heard they should get used to sleeping in the crate? Usually we fall asleep together on the couch and then I'll put him in the crate to sleep after. He is over 12 weeks now and still doesn't like going in there though.

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I'm trying to get some opinions on indoor fences/crates. I am crate training him but I honestly feel bad leaving him in there when I'm home. I think he might be happier with like an indoor fenced area where he has space to move a little bit. I know the create is still important for when no one is home and he goes to sleep though.

Are there any good indoor type fence or space items anyone would recommend? Also would anyone recommend an ideal create for the basenji? He is only 13 weeks old now.

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