• @LindaH:

    Since then, I've looked at all sorts of packages of jerky and haven't found one that wasn't made in China.

    I've Googled chicken jerky and have found lots of recipes, but haven't gotten around to making any yet.



    made in the US.

  • Thanks for the link, agilebasenji. I haven't ever seen that brand, but that's probably because it appears you can only buy it from them (at least I didn't see a "find a store" link on their site). I'll look in more detail when we're back home and I'm back at my computer!


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  • The beef jerky treats from Milo's are made in the U.S. and the chicken meatball shape ones are also. One has to be careful as some treats from the same company are made in China yet others are made in the U.S.

    OT-Some canned and/or jar fruit come from China also. I was surprised to find this out!

    I check all labels from now on!


  • @nobarkus:

    The last time I gave Buddy some chicken jerky he throw them up so I said "forget it"! I make my own from locally raised organic chicken. Just keep them plain and he loves them.

    Do you have a recipe for making your own? Thanks everyone for the information. I also have some Waggin treats from Wal-mart. They are now in my garbage can!

  • Thanks for the link, guess I'll order from them.

  • I was in my pet food store and saw chicken strips and right on the front, in big letters Made in the USA. if you can get to a pet store that just sell premium food, you could probably find them. Sorry, didn't notice the brand.

  • I also wanted to mention something else. Senji, who is 15 1/2 years old, has never had worms. Coincidentally, he developed a tapeworm shortly after I gave him some of these jerky treats. He has been treated for the worms, but while all that has been going on, he got into the habit of waking me up at 5:30am or so every morning to go out. I'm glad the worms are gone, but I wish he'd go back to his old sleep schedule! LOL!

  • @elena86:

    II recently noticed that they were made in China. I googled something about chicken jerky treats and found an article from a few years ago that said these treats can INDUCE Fanconi disease in dogs!!! Has anyone else heard this?

    I am not doubting this statement, but would like to know how they can induce Fanconi - feeling stupid, but can someone explain that?

  • I think there may be some additives in questionable Chinese products that may metabolize into something that induces Fanconi in the dogs. Just like a few years ago when all those dog food products were recalled.

  • This story caught my eye because of the reference to Fanconi. A link to the article and a little of what it said:


    FDA officials say they have not been able to find a cause for the illnesses. They note that the reports of illness have not conclusively been tied to chicken jerky products, also sold as chicken tenders, chicken strips or chicken treats.

    Dog owners and vets are reporting that animals may be stricken with a range of illnesses within days or hours of eating chicken jerky, including kidney failure and Fanconi syndrome, a condition characterized by low glucose.

  • First Basenji's

    You can get whole chicken jerky, made in the USA by going to PreenPets.com. The owner Ron is very personable and will email you as well as answer any questions…..I was introduced to the company and spend lots of money there!

  • Damage to the proximal renal tubule caused by toxins is referred to as Acquired Fanconi. Chinese pet products (or pet products packaged/manufactured in North America from Chinese ingredients) often contain heavy metals which cause kidney damage. So does Lysol (!) and certain drugs, including expired Tetracycline.

    If you want some truly scary reading, go to this link: http://www.vet.uga.edu/VPP/clerk/davis/index.php

  • IMO, if you buy anything from China, re food, you are putting yourselves and your pets at risk.
    I told Costco that when I saw the strips they had are from China. Well, now they are seeing that the $$ isn't worth
    the health of the pets.

  • I get nothing from china, as there is now a new problem being reported:

    I am excited about these, ordering them Friday as I know the guy who developed them (Pat McDonald). He actually started me on more holistic and natural feeding nearly 17 yrs ago.

  • I just found out about the chicken jerky treats from China via Facebook a couple of days ago! Bella just loved them and now she looks so sad when I don't give them to her. I must find a good recipe to make my own. Any ideas?

  • Buy yourself a dehyrator and make your own. That is what I do and now I don't ever worry about their treats. Easy to do! Not to mention great for drying fruits too…

    I have done both chicken and beef for us humans and Basenjis

  • @tanza:

    I have done both chicken and beef and us humans and Basenjis

    You have dehydrated both humans and basenjis??? I would not want to admit that on here…......LMAO just kidding!

  • LOL. One dehydrator

  • I just use the oven. low heat (like 250?), slice thin and put on cookie cooling racks over cookie sheet for 3?-4? hours or whenever they're done. It's been a while since I've done it, but I'm sure there are recipes if you google it.

  • First Basenji's

    if you do not want to make your own….go to preenpets.com and here you do not get 'made in China' or ingredients you can not pronounce....no, I do not have stock in the company-it was recommended by a dog pal.....

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