• People have frequently suggested using the kong-style toy to serve up treats. As I was looking for more details to help ease Luny into his new routine, I found the Kong website. It has several good recipes and tips to use with the kong toy. Here's the website if anyone is interested:

  • I tried putting half a slice of cooked bacon inside Kananga's kong this morning. It doesn't seem easy for him to retrieve it and it's been keeping him busy all morning. Simple and effective. 🙂

  • My local pet store has XXL dog kongs but no treats that size. Is there anywhere online I can buy them. I just ended up getting the large kong but i'd say my dog will have that destroyed in no time.

  • I have smeared the inside with cream cheese, peanut butter and even canned dog food, put in freezer overnight and voila, busy activity 🙂

  • I throw chicken livers, pumpkin and plain yogurt in a blender and puree the mixture. Then I seal the Kong hole with Peanut Butter and pour the blended mix in the kongs and freeze them over night. Keeps them busy and they love it!

  • I add warm water to some kibble and a little cheez whiz and mash it up-stuff the kong and freeze it. Takes them forever!

  • when my puppy was teething I would stop up one end with just a dab of peanut butter, fill the rest with water and freeze it. He LOVED it. You could let them play with it outside, but really I diddnt find it too messy even for the house. The ice melts at about the rate the dog licks at it, and the little dribbles are easy enough just to mop up after. I have also put in chunks of apple (no core or seeds) or baby carrots. I also have added peanut butter from time to time. I just throw it in the dishwasher afterwards to clean it. Kong makes treats to go inside as well.

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