A warning about Kong toy

Neither Mochi nor Saba said anything was a lie… simply suggested that "kong" is used generically and perhaps a cheaper version. Like Saba, I would love to see ANY documentation as companies as big as Kong would indeed hit the news and there would be veterinary documentation about safety. I also find nothing but the word kong in the search engine, but the actual WARNINGS about the pimpled one hole. I went to the kong website.. nothing.

I was not happy to find this on toxic chemicals:

I am not saying anyone is LYING, simply that stories get passed around, changed, and before I stop using kongs, I'd like some proof.

Debra - you are, as always, a font of information. Thanks for passing along this link.


Debra - you are, as always, a font of information. Thanks for passing along this link.

Agree. That link has some awfully scary information in it.

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We were given the Kong puppy teething stick for our puppies by a friend, it was new but no packaging was with it but we were told that it was for the puppies to chew on. The puppies were kept in a kennel and also outside with in a 60'x100' barn for exercise and play. The puppies must have lost the teething stick at some point someplace as they were playing. Anyone who has had a litter of puppies knows how they tear around all over and hard it is to keep track of them. That was two year ago and somehow and somewhere our male dog got a hold of it without us knowing it and ate 1/2 of it in three pieces two large and one small. He passed two of them but one got stuck in his intestines. We didn't know what it was when he passed them. He became sick and we took him to the vet he felt that he had pass all the junk and had pancreatitis and tests showed this. After three days of no improvement we took him to a emergency vet clinic that has top facilities and with in 24 hours they had found a blockage and a hole in his intestine. They operate to correct the problem, he had complication and leakage and had two more operation before he had to be euthanized because no more could be done. The rubber these products are made of gets very sticky in a dog stomach and can stay there for a long period of time, when in the intestine they can get stuck and the action of the dogs intestine moving back and forth can cause a hole to develop and cause major problem. What Kong make's their products out of is a problem. Kong knows this, they make products that kill dogs and know it. This isn't the first case, please don't use their products. If you have more questions or have had this problem and want to contact me at ccc5959@hotmail.com please feel free to.

mm i will toss on the trash that kong when im return to home.. period.

Anyway i think a plastic toy is not for basenjis. And my girls dont use so much. My new boy chew everything so better be safe and remove that ball.

We don't give any toys or chews withou us being present.
When we have to leave our B's we make sure we give them a good run, so that they will sleep a lot.

My dog also had to get a surgery last week do to an obstruction from a kong. Within 20 minutes of receiving the toy he destroyed and consumed a piece, I didn’t realize there was an obstruction until a month later and it almost killed him. It also tore a hole in his intestines. Dog had appropriate size and color kong and I froze it per sale rep’s recommendation to reinforce it.

BTW - kong toys come in different sizes - I can see the problem occurring if the wrong size if given to the wrong dog - I have never had any problems with my dogs using these (I would stuff peanut butter plus kibble in them)

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