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I had a somewhat similar experience. Joey had a seizure which I correlate to taking Simparica. He looked terrible so took him to the vet when the first seizure happened and he was late Stage 2. Put him on Royal Canin kidney kibble and Hills kidney wet food and 4 years later he has only had 1 more seizure and his kidney values have remained constant. I will believe your homemade version is most likely better if you have the correct proportions. All the best to your Bs! Joey will be 15 in November.

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Hello again!
It is now over 2 years since Joey had his incident with Simparica. He is aging well and his kidney values remain constant. No one expected this. He eats his kidney diet well and has not had to have any subQ liquids. He does continue to have tremors and twitching but they don't seem to bother him.
A new friend met him and asked Joey a yes/no question. Joey's head shook up and down. My friend was amazed that I had trained him so well!! I did have to later admit that he had no idea what she asked and that it was part of his condition. Ha!
Anyway, he is almost 14 1/2. I cherish him everyday and have loved raising this wonderful breed! This forum is a fantastic resource for information and support. Thanks to you all again!

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Thank you all for your input! I don't feel as alone in trying to solve this.
I am considering a thundershirt but am concerned he will tear it off himself. He has done so with a pheromone collar I tried.
Yes I want my dog to be around for some time to come but quality of life plays an important role as well.
I plan to meet with a behavioral therapist too.
I am considering a thundershirt but am concerned that he will tear it off himself.

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Vet intentionally did not recommend Prozac. Clomicalm instead. Yes, it takes 2-3 weeks to kick in. I'm providing mental stimulation in his crate when I have to use it and using daycare for longer stints away. He does fine there according to his same vet staff.

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We have an amazingly quiet apartment complex. I'm home at different times during the day and haven't noticed change.
I'm wondering if chronic tooth pain may have been the catalyst. The behavior change at home was he started tearing up everything. He rarely touched anything before (which is why he could be trusted alone uncrated) and if so only paper.
Has anyone use doggie Prozac in older dogs? I'm hoping to avoid but want to search for options if needed after he is totally recovered from his tooth extractions

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Joey has been crate free while I am gone for 10 years. We moved from a house to an apartment 2 years ago while our house is being built. He has been fine until about 1 month ago. He has gone beserk shreading hard plastic, boxes, furniture etc. I started crating him and that went south as he tried to chew through the crate and damage teeth resulting in costly medical bill. No change is exercise or attention. He is almost 11.
I am at a loss. Help please!!

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