• So I have tried most of the treats now from the pet store by my house (grain free). And I found Kentucky goes mental over the Sweet Potato Chips from www.crumps.ca. He can't get enough of them. I even tried them myself and they were yummy.

    What is your dogs favorite?

  • It depends on what's going on โ€ฆ Gossy loves dried lamb lung when she's in class but cheap Milkbones when on walks and Zuke's training bits when around the house and Solid Gold cinnamon bones when she's lazing around.

  • My dogs go nuts over cucumber of all things. When I am making a salad and start cutting up cucumber they race from where they are to say 'hey I am here now gimme some!'

  • Zuke's Salmon training bits, NutriSource lamb or chicken treats, and duck jerky are big faves as far as commercial stuff goes.

    If I had to pick Watson's favorite yummy thing though it would definitely be a spoon full of my Noosa Yogurt every time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kipawa is crazy for anything that is high quality organic chicken, but being a dog, he has his 'garbage food' favourites (weiners), where I do my best to find the best quality available. His favourite treats are:

    • real (human) organic chicken
    • organic chicken breast jerky
    • Hebrew National kosher weiners
    • Tillman's training tidbits
    • Zuke's
    • a few kibbles of kitty food now and then

    I'll not bring those sweet potato chips into the house, because they might be eaten before he ever gets a chance at them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BRAT has a cookbook available for purchase from their website that has a full chapter of recipes for basenji treats.

  • Zukes (all varieties we've tried), dried lamb lung are favorites, EVO biscuits, Solid Gold beef jerky, dead catfish at the beach, current fav is a low fat/calorie biscuit from the vet, Purina "Lite Snackers" which they love, and at 15 calories each they get 2 to 4 a day.

  • Oh and popcorn. When a bag goes into the microwave they sit and stare at the microwave until it is done. I'm pretty sure by the time you are finished your popcorn they have eaten half of it. But I have to bite off and eat the husks myself, if they take a full kernel and it still has the little husk on it then they mung it and spit it out. They also have this thing for ice cubes whenever you go to put ice in your glass from the fridge they run there and wait for an ice cube.

  • We had organic peanuts (in the shell) this weekend at family camping and a few of them were dropped. Kentucky was brillant enough to learn how to take the nuts out of the shell and take the skin off them. It was amazing watching him hunt for the nuts.

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