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I think they've been taken into rescue. I was talking to someone in Vegas over the weekend and she was telling me about them coming into rescue. Not sure if it's BRAT or not.

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I feed Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish. Seems to agree with everyone. Norah was allergic to Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul.

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Barking is a learned behavior. Guppy barks often and he's a B but he's a monkey see monkey do kinda guy. His B mix sister Norah barks so that's where he gets it from.

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I just switched all three of my dogs to Martingale collars. Prior to that we were using a choke chain, a harness and an old martingale style collar. Two of my dogs are fine, the harness dog however is quite feisty and since we stopped using the harness she is crazy when we're trying to walk. Depending upon the length of our walk we have to cross two busy streets. Last night she had Guppy on his back in the middle of one of the streets wrestling with him all the while a car was coming and I was tangled in leashes. We got away safely but I'm not sure what to do with her. Not walking her isn't the answer, I thought about putting her back on the harness but I want her to learn to behave on the walks. Any suggestions??

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Sadie-we are going Saturday morning to the dog park in Central Phoenix, Steele Indian School Park. We live in Arcadia - let me know if you want to meet up sometime.

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RESCUE! Also there is a breeder in Glendale. Can't think of her name but if pressed I could come up with it.

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Where do you live? We try not to go out when it's hot but sometimes here in PHX even after dark it's over 100. Both my kids are red/red &white but I have a b&w foster.

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Thinly disguised as a forum-it's really a place where you are accepted, understood and loved. We all share the same "problem" -we're all owned by Basenjis and love it! I have two and a B&W foster. Love Cherokee's name-hope you guys find a sibling soon. BTW-my B's are male & female….

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I emailed individually and let the BRAT folks know too.

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A dog that doesn't like all dogs-definitely a Basenji characteristic. Just ask Guppy how he feels about Shibas, Shephers and Huskys.

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