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Hello all and welcome to my forum of pointless knowledge. I am glad you all enjoy so let's get started.

  1. In 1994 we all know that the Denver Nuggets became the first 8 seed to beat a 1, however after the first 2 games of that series the Nuggets were down 0-2 to Seattle and on the other side in the east after 3 games teh 8 seed Heat were up 2-1 on the Hawks. It was widely believed that the Heat were going to be the first 8 seed to upset a 1, but fate is twisted. The Heat dropped the next 2 games and the Nuggets won 3 in a row including back to back overtime games to win the series. At that time it was a strange situation.
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Does anyone know the exact make and model of the shotgun Omar Little uses? And if so, is that the same make/model shotgun that Michael is seen using in the final episode?

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My local pet store has XXL dog kongs but no treats that size. Is there anywhere online I can buy them. I just ended up getting the large kong but i'd say my dog will have that destroyed in no time.

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Next Tuesday is my first day at a new job. I will be a municipal budget analyst, so I'm sure I'll be introduced to almost everybody from all of the departments. How do some of you handle "first days?" Should I thank my new boss for giving me the job? (HR gave me the job offer, so I haven't spoken with him since the interview) How would you word that? What are some good first day first impression tips?

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