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    Pet Treats With Salmonella Recalled
    Bacteria Could Infect Animals, People

    POSTED: 5:50 am EDT April 3, 2007

    WASHINGTON – There is yet another pet food recall.

    Eight in One is recalling packages of its Dingo brand dog, cat and ferret treats because of concerns over salmonella. The company says the bacteria could infect both animals and people handling the food.

    The announcement is not related to the recalls of tainted food that has led to kidney failure in pets around the country.

    The recall involves Dingo Chick'n Jerky, Dingo Kitty Chicken Jerky and Dingo Ferret Chicken Jerky.

    The company asks consumers to throw away unused portions of the jerky treats.

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  • Gosh is this ever frustrating! It seems like everything is bad!

  • wow, i am still feeling extremely lucky. thus far, nothing i use has been recalled. thanks guys, i had not heard that there were more recalls. i have been busy and havent been watching the news.

  • Hollie and I have made another trip to the local dog bakery. No more treats that aren't homemade. I am attempting to cook for her too. It's more work, but definately worth the trouble.

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