What to mix with chicken and veggies???

  • I am thinking to cook some chicken, green beans, carrots, and potatoes for Bella. What can I mix in to make it less dry? Another combo I have considered is chicken, rice, cheese, and broccoli… Any suggestions???😕

  • What about some cream of chicken soup-if you want to make your own I'm sure there are recipes on the net-or at the health food store.

  • Yes, I would have to make my own… I don't use the canned too much since it has MSG. It is a bad flavor enhancer and preservative that causes some people headaches or stomach problems. I guess the bad ingredient situation applies to human foods too! Not only pet food is affected...

  • MSG triggers my migraines..so I run when I see it!

  • OH yeah, me too!!! I steer clear of canned soup, flavored chips, certain chinese food, hamburger helper, accent seasoning, ramen noodle soup, etc…

  • Just make some chicken broth or save broth from beef and pour it over their meal. It is healthy and they love it.

  • Can you give me some examples on a diet based on home made food for a dog? I figure I'm always cooking and if I can share with our B that is great expecially if it's healthier for our B. I was also wondering, why is it that almost everyone (except on this forum) say never to feed dogs human food but on this forum they say it's O.k?

  • I don't have a problem with feeding human food, as long as it's in their bowl and not off my plate-and it's healthy!

    Boiled chicken is always good and lots of veggies! Basically mix with some good broth as drummamamma states. Yogurt is good, brown is better than white, any other suggestions??

  • I think it depends on the people food. You shouldn't feed your dog pizzas, cookies, hot dogs, Big Macs, etc. – except for bites as a treat perhaps -- but veggies, chicken, etc. Why not?

  • Be careful with broth, definately make your own, and be sure not to use broth from meats that have been roasted w/ onions.

    Whenever I make a whole chicken for dinner, I always boil the carcass for the dog. This way I make my own chicken stock, and the tiniest bits of meat come right off the bones. I usually freeze the stock, and use the chicken bits as training treats. Pour the homemade stock into ice cube trays and you'll have easy portion sized cubes that you can defrost and add to any meal.

  • jess-what a great idea!!! I would think the broth cubes works for the summer too right?! What a fab idea 😃 😃

  • With all due respect, I've got to disagree with whoever said "lots of veggies." Lots of meat, some veggies (if any at all), especially if you're cooking the meat. You're losing nutritional benefits by cooking it, and adding a lot of veggies further deteriorates the meal's nutritional value, since dogs' digestive systems don't process whole vegetables' nutrients well (better to puree the whole veggies and add 'em raw for their maximum benefit). JMO.

  • jys1011, yes, home made broth cubes work great in summer - as an outside treat of course. otherwise you'll get a broth puddle on your floor…

    I agree w/ gbrozon on the cooked veggie issue - very good point!

    I prefer to give my dog raw veggies, and he usually only eats carrots.

  • Thank you for the response, I love the broth cube idea! And when I cook her meat I won't add seasoning or onions and just keep it plain. The only difference is, I might cook the veggies I add because they would probably be easier on her stomach.

  • Mash the veggies up good!

  • Maybe I should try to make the homemade food with less veggies since it didn't settle well on her tummy…

  • I like to add oatmeal to my dog food. I cook that and typically, add some veggies, rice, chicken, beef - whatever I feel like adding. But the oatmeal has always settled well with everyone. IN the winter it warms tummies too.

  • Bake the chicken or pan fry with garlic powder, pepper and salt. Make the rice. Steam the veggies and mix the veggies with the rice. You could add some seasoning like sauteed onions and garlic to this for added flavor.

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  • DO NOT add ONIONS - dogs can't eat ONions. Sounds good for people though

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