• This may be a stupid question, but do dogs stomachs usually do ok with mixing 2 brands of food for feeding?? I really like sold gold holisitque blend, but it is low in protien, so i was thinking of doing 50% that and 50% of another brand like wellness CORE or Taste of the Wild.. any opinions??

  • Should be no problem mixing foods

  • There shouldn't be a problem with that. Many people here mix the foods they give thir Bs. My only problem is that I am way too particular, and it annoys me when there is a significantly larger portion of the scoop being one kind of food.

  • thanks! etzbseder, i was thinking the same thing, so i am going to keep the foods in their own bags and just measure them equally each time i feed her, then i know i get about 50/50 each time..

  • Yeah, because it's a good idea to mix slowly into a new food when you change foods, so I just dumped the new food into my bin of old food and shook it up, to begin with, Medjai got a good mmix, now he sometimes get old food and sometimes only the new one.

  • Remember that even if they are not getting exactly the same ratio at every meal it will even out over time. I keep the different food I feed separate but I don't worry about whether they get exactly 50/50 of each on any given day. One thing I like about using 2 foods is that I can adjust the ratio to match each dog's needs. I have one who gets more of the low cal food each day because she puts on weight easier while I have two others who eat almost exclusively they higher cal food.

    Let your dog be your guide, watch his coat and his waist to determine how much of each is the right ratio.

  • i mix the food mias breeder gave her with the blue buffalo. eventually it will be all blue buffalo but for now its a mix.. about 25% science diet to 75% blue buffalo. her and rocky both get the same mix.. and both are fine!

  • Dinner at my house for the basenjis:
    1/4 c Canidae
    1/4 c Evo
    large spoonfull of homemade muttloaf
    2 pumps of Salmon oil

    (the boyz get joint supps added in)
    they seem to be doing ok

  • I also mix their food. Usually Canidae dry mixed with Merricks dry or to Blue Buffalo fish dry or canned Merricks. In any of these combinations, I haven't seen any side affects. I don't think it is necessary to combine in equal quantity, but if possible - great!.

  • I mix 2 kinds of dry kibble, pour them together into the big storage bin and then mix it all up. Each scoop may not be "perfectly" mixed, but close enough!

    Anne in Tampa

  • **I mix too! I like to change it up a little so they are not getting the same food all the time. Imagine yourself eating the same food day after day after day, tho I don't think they mind it a bit!! :o)

    Currently I am mixing Canidae with Eagle Holistic. I am reading up on blue buffalo brought home some samples and they love it. But again, mine are not picky eaters.

    I also add fish oil pills (x2), nupro, glucosamine, pet tabs plus as supplements.**

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