• Hi. I have 2 eight years old basenjis. I been feeding my girl (Henna) Natural Balance (Potato & Duck) for last 6 years after discovering her allergies to everything else. But, recently, i have rescued a boy (Rosie). He had a very nice dark red, rough coat. He has been on the Potato and Duck now and his coat has changed. Its not as dark and tight…and is changing to smooth coat just like my girl. I love my Henna's soft coat but kind of liked the color of Rosie's coat. Should i switch to different food for Rosie or stick with the current? If yes, which one? BTW...i feed them 3 duck and potato treats each in the morning and a cup of food at night. Is that good?

  • Could be that your rescue boy is starting to blow coat… I would wait it out and see if maybe that is what is going on.

  • Blow coat….that means winter coat right?

  • @Henna420:

    Blow coat….that means winter coat right?

    Sorry, that means plain old shedding… Basenjis will shed at least usually once a year and it never really relates to the time of year... but he may be getting what most would call a winter coat... I have also found with spayed/neutered B's that every couple of years they will really get a terrible coat and then shed out to their normal one...

  • I agree with Pat regarding the coat. It is very common for reds to be "washed out" when they loose their coat. It unusally returns. But if he is doing well on the food, don't change it. The old saying, don't break what not broken.

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