• I was thinking we could all help eachother out a little if we listed the age and even color of our Basenji's along with their Brand of dog food and amount. Im very interested in what everyone is feeding THEIR Basenjis…THANKS!!!:D

    Capt. Jack (29lbs) 5yrs. - Ol'Roys Meaty Chunks and Gravy (can be served hard or moist) I give him one cup of the food with a half cup of warm water (makes instant gravy) ONCE a day. - Jack LOVES it. This is the only food i can actually get him to eat (even dry)

  • Canidae Senior and Wellness duck & potato

    Maggii (Red, 20lbs, 15yr 11months) - Canidae 1/4 to 1/2 cup mixed with chicken & broth.. or sometimes whatever she will eat… since she is in renal failure.....

    OJ (Red, 27lbs, 15yr 11months) - Canidae 1/2 morning, 1 cup evening mixed with veggies

    Mickii (Tri, 19lbs, 14yr 6months) - Wellness Duck & Potato, 1/2 cup morning, 1/2 cup evening mixed with veggies (usually she is on Canidae but she has had some liver issues and has not wanted to eat... but she likes the Duck&Potato

    Kristii (Red, 18lbs, 12yrs 8 months) - Canidae 1/2cup morning, 1/2cup evening
    mixed with veggies

    also will mix raw meat (beef, chicken, turkey), sometimes canned, rice, etc... whatever might be around. But this is not the main part of the meal...

  • Rascal bmix 6 years ~40 lb
    Manning 1.5 years r/w 22 lb

    They both eat science diet i/d 1 cup 2x daily. Rascal is the only one who has to eat the prescription food but I got tired of acting like the prison warden at dinner time. I had to watch them like a hawk because they would switch bowls. Now they eat the same food so it doesn't matter! :rolleyes:

  • Jazzy, R/W, 21 lbs, 2.5 yrs, Nutro Natural Choice Lite, 1/2 cup twice a day.

    Keoki, R/W,22 lbs, 6.5 mos, Purina Puppy Chow, 3/4 cup twice a day.

  • Dash R/W 20lbs. he gets 1/2 cup Iams minichuncks and 1/2 cup Merrick mixed with water. It is gone in 15 mins.

  • @dash:

    Dash R/W 20lbs. he gets 1/2 cup Iams minichuncks and 1/2 cup Merrick mixed with water. It is gone in 15 mins.

    That long? LOL. Keoki polishes off his food w/in 30 seconds. 😃 Of course, he only has 3/4 cup, so it's about 1/4 cup less . . .

    Jazzy, being a lady and all, takes a bit under five minutes to eat.

  • well, if I give them all Merrick it is gone quicker. They love that stuff! But yes, it takes him 15 mins at least. He is a grazer.

  • Sahara, R/W, l.6 yrs. She eats Merrick's Grammy Pot Pie dry mixed with water, 1/2 cup along with 1/2 cup wet, 2 times , she weighs 22lbs., I also try other varieties of Merrick's, her favorites are, Pot Pie, Turducken, Wingling, Harvest Moon. She eats this better than anything I have ever given her, for a special treat I give her scrambled eggs mixed with sliced ham. She is the perfect size and has muscular legs.

  • My kids are on Blue Buffalo (chicken & sweet potato). Both are R/W.

    Lexi is 17lbs and about 6.5 yrs old. She's our tiny little tang.

    Miles is our great unknown (age?) and he's due for his comprehensive exam in a couple of weeks and I'll be interested to see how much he weighs now. We got him skin & bones from the pound… and he was 29 back then. I thought he was getting closer to 40lbs, but after seeing another 40lb Basenji, I think he might still be closer to 30... 🙂 Maybe 35.

    They free feed and between the two of them consume a little over 2 cups a day.

  • Corky (basenji~23 lb)-1/2 cup Evo am and 1/2 cup pm
    Buddy (beagle/dalmation/???~24 lb)-1/2 cup Evo am and 1/2 cup pm
    Sophie (pom/chi~16 lb & shrinking)-1/4 cup Blue Buffalo Senior am and 1/2 cup pm

  • Innova EVO Red Meat Dry Dog Food…..1 1/2 cups for most all.....some more some less. We throw in various veggies and whatever healthy leftovers we have at times.

  • Hollie gets Innova Dry Food everyday and a little Innova wet ONLY as a special treat.

  • Alot of you guys give your basenji's veggies with their food…What kind? I might try it with Jackers!! Esp. if its healthy and a generally good idea for basenjis!!

  • With my two, it's just about ANY veggie.

    Favorites are steamed brocolli and asparagas; cabbage – cooked or raw; carrots --cooked or raw,but raw is preferred. WARNING: brocolli, asparagas, and cabbage give Keoki DEADLY gas!!!
    Keoki also likes celery, but Jazz does not. {watch those strings}

    Favorite fruits are watermelon {although, it makes Keoki pee A LOT} and blueberries {I love to watch them pick those off the bushes!}.

  • interesting!! I know Jack doesnt like raw celery or carrots. He has eaten cooked greenbeans before (they fell on the floor) and the only other thing we have is corn…lol. That would be fun im sure during "clean up" outside, lol

  • Give steamed brocolli a shot - you may even find YOU like it. LOL
    Sprinkle a little cheese on top, and mmmm mmmmm.
    Asparagas, too.

  • Sahara eats veggies also, she loves cooked carrots (hates raw), broccoli, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and fruits, watermelon, apples, cantaloupe. Loves sweet potatoes also, it is in Merrick's wet foods.

  • Try anything green or yellow beans, lettuce, broccoli, small pieces of carrots-anything and everything except the onion family.

  • Magnum is fed mostly a raw meat/bones/organs diet. He won't touch a raw vegetable or fruit, but he will, on occasion, eat baby food veggies/fruit, which, at this point (after much experimentation), is what I offer him with regards to fruits and veggies. I'm of the opinion that they're not necessary for health purposes.

    I personally believe, after a lot of research, that raw veggies and fruit aren't doing him much, if any, good (dogs' digestive system don't seem up to the task of digesting most raw veggies and fruits), although pulverized veggies/fruits (baby food), not given as a staple of his diet, can provide some nutritional benefit.

    This is all JMO, of course.

  • Well I don't have a B yet, but..lol
    Reggie, Boxer, 5yrs, white, eats Solid Gold Hund-N-Flocken 1cup 2x a day, plus a daily banana (we share), random fuits and veggies, cuts from meats (usually before cooking, unless cooked unseasoned then after). Once a week shares a 5.5 ounce can of chicken or turkey with the cat

    :lmao - I feel like I'm writing him a dating add

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