• I have used Canidae for quite a few years and all mine do quite well on it… It is high on the list of good quality dog food.

  • Haven't seen that one. I'll look around.

  • I don't use the Merrick dry, but I certainly would, it's great food, IMO. I currently use Solid Gold Hund-n-Flocken which is a lamb based kibble. I then add 2 scoops of Merrick canned in, mix up, and end up w/ one very happy, healthy, and content dog.

    I've also heard good things about Canidae.

  • Innova is a good product, and they like it. My rule of thumb is " if it's on the supermarket shelf it's mass produced with cheaper ingredients so I don't buy it". I like IVD products (get at the vet) because there are no additives.

  • We feed our Bs Merricks dry and wet food. You can order online big bags of it…which makes it very convenient!!

    Their wet food looks like human food...espeically their wingaling 😃 😃

  • I think I saw the Merricks at the pet store. Funny cause before our B I had a toy poodle (he's in doggie heaven now) and I used to feed him mighty dog for the whole 14 years of his life and here I am now asking for food advise for Champ. You live, you grow, you learn.

  • I have fed Iams or Eukanuba for my dogs/cats for 10 years. I had a dobie and a rot prior to my 2 now. I usually put a little sour cream in it to get them to eat it faster. I like the food. It is conveinint, not to expensive and they like it. Both dogs and cats haven't had any digestive problems on it. The recent recall was only on wet food, which you know already, but I have never fed that to any of the animals because I want to keep their teeth strong.

  • luzmery928, Nutro Max wet food is on the list of recalled foods. please do not feed it at ALL. Sorry it took me until now to realize that.

  • omg thanks..how dumb of me to not consider the fact that those idiots at the pet store would take them off the shelf. Thanks a million for this info.

  • i was so concerned about the recall when it first happened I took for granted checking the labels again.

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